I’m currently having a sensory relapse. It started 4 weeks ago I awoke to numbness from my chest down limited walking.

I was put on 500mg of prendisalone for 5 days.

And im about to this week start on copaxone.

I am am coping quite well, the tiredness is a killer, the steroids have helped my walking ability and the feeling has come back not altogether but definitely improved.

It’s my hands! I’m really struggling they are so sore the bones hurt when I touch anything and my skin feels tight and burning , I know these are all symptoms but has anyone experienced it and have u had any relief with anything you tried ?. I’m a hairdresser :frowning: I’ve cut my hours and days but still am struggling.

Thank you x

Bloody hell Lisa! You’re still working?

Yes, I have that sensation all the time in my hands, and my feet in the evenings.

It’s neuropathic pain. Amitriptyline and Co-codamol covers it up for me but we’re all different. Do you have a MS Specialist Nurse? G P’s can’t know everything, especially of a complex and ever changing field like MS.

Best Wishes,


By the way do you do home visits? I’m sure my wife wouldn’t mind, especially if the scissors “accidently” slipped.