Relapse or not?


last three days my whole right hand side has felt like it’s burning. Right side of scalp all the way down to my toes. I’ve also noticed a massive increase in nerve pain (which I have nothing for). And my head is pounding above my left eye and visions become slightly distorted (not a lot but enough to notice). Only really had relapses before that have affected my walking and balance, so not sure if these nasty sensory symptoms count? Should I tell my nurse?


Hello Bubblecup

Yes, I would definitely let your MS nurse know. In the meantime, do you have one of them walk in medical centres, where you can go and seek help for the nerve pain.


Thanks Blossom. I do have a walk-in centre, but won’t get anything. Since dx I’ve tried gabapentin, pregablin & amitriptyline to no avail. Waiting to see a pain specialist as my gp won’t prescribe me anything else. Don’t normally get these sensory symptoms, there horrid. Thanks for the hugs.

Bubblecup :slight_smile: