Relaps.. Confused is it or isn't it

Hi everyone. I don’t know about you lot but I ask often how do I know a relaps! And I never get a stright answer. The top of My left leg has that dentist feeling and I’ve like pins and needles all over my left hand side even up into my lady bits. ( sorry don’t know how yo write that without offending someone) it’s like things crawling and rushing inside, a hot pulsing sensation all over. I’ve had simular experiance in the past but never to this extent. Am I surposed to let my ms nurse know?? Is this a relaps…? What should I do?

hi tinytiger

its a tricky one and even the ms nurses dont know for sure.

have you got any infections? maybe a UTI? if you do, the ms nurse will say it’s a pseudo-relapse.

let your ms nurse know anyway.

now lock yourself away in a quiet room and rest, rest, rest.

hope you feel better soon

carole x

Thanks Carole, no infections thankfully. I’ll give it until Monday and if no change I’ll give the nurse a wee call… That’s if they answer the thanks again.

Take care x

Yes, you should let your MS nurse know as soon as possible, if any meds are needed you might benefit from quick action.

Rosina x

Hi, my nurse said that a relapse is when you notice new symptoms which last for 48 hours or more. Thing is though, my arms and hands get pins and needles and numbness on and off. So I’m thinking that this is my new ‘normal’ after a relapse last year which was pretty noticeable as I couldn’t feel anything from my chest downwards. But then maybe lesser symptoms are relapses too? Mmm. Ho hum.

Thanks everyone.

i think there is defo something going on, as I was waken during the night by the ms monster ripping open my left through and staring a bonfire inside…lol I don’t believe I’ve ever felt this much muscular pain in my thighs before. The left is numb but painful the right is on fire and brining me close to tears.

Ill call my nurse first thing tomorrow.

Well good morning everyone.

great news

Thankfull after a very painfull weekend the pains have gone and the feelings returned, just alittle weak…xx

tryed to ring my nurse but as expected, unavalible

thanks everyone for your support xx