Hi, I had a relapse 4months ago an my whole body has had numbness at some point now in arms an shoulders ,and my hands were really bad with pins and needles an couple off weeks ago my hands lost that an turned tight an bit of pain an when walking I get this weird feeling round my knees like a buzzing if that makes sense an my balance is a bit out, so I told my ms nurse,and she said its another relapse but to rule out urine infection which I did. I’m really confused because I thought I was still relapsing coz I never lost my numbness?? I’ve had ms for 7years but my first relapse was my right eye then my left eye then clear for like 6years till now, x

Hi, I find it all really confusing because I can’t even remember having a relapse myself but must have done, I have symptoms all the time I have been diagnosed since 2011 but I’m not any worse, I read somewhere you have to have a different symptom lasting 2 days for it to been a relapse, wish Icould be more help!


Hi thanks it’s nice to hear from other people, yeah it’s hard an confusing x