Am I relapsing again?

Hello all, I need some answers please, 2 weeks ago I was rushed into hospital, with a temperture high blood pressure due to really bad spasms on my right side of my body, I was then discharged last Friday but since then my right leg has gone numb right above my knee, and now it’s numb and feels as If i need to itch it but can’t find where it itches, sometimes it feels as if my leg is in a freezer and feels really sensitive to touch.

i have also Been to the opticians twice and both time my right eye has changed site I then told them I’m having problems with my Ms and they say this has also got something to do with it.

please help I need some comments? Xxx

hi kylie

have you contacted your ms nurse?

if not, do it tomorrow.

have you recently had a relapse?

if so, this is probably part of the same one.

after 7 years with ms i still don’t completely understand what is an actual relapse.

it is important that this gets onto your medical records so if you aren’t seeing your ms nurse, see your gp.

carole x

Here’s a definition of a relapse, from the website we are on. It sounds to me like you’re having one - I would contact a medical professional if I were you, and talk through your options.

What is a relapse?

A relapse is defined by “the appearance of new symptoms, or the return of old symptoms, for a period of 24 hours or more – in the absence of a change in core body temperature or infection”. Symptoms you have experienced before, or perhaps grown used to dealing with, might appear in a different part of the body.

In relapses, symptoms usually come on over a short period of time – over hours or days. They often stay for a number of weeks, usually four to six, though this can vary from very short periods of only a few days to many months.

Relapses can vary from mild to severe. At their worst, acute relapses may need hospital treatment, but many relapses are managed at home, with the support of the GP, MS specialist nurse, and other care professionals.