Symptoms or Relapse?

Hello! I’m hoping someone can give me some advice! I’m finding my MS Nurse isn’t that approachable, feel like I just annoying him if I call, so now i just dont call. (I appreciate that he probaboy has a lot of paitents) I was diagnosed in April 2018 and have been on copaxone for 7 weeks. Now, I’m unsure if I’m having relapses or not and that makes me feel anxious. Since April I’ve have periods of numbness in my hands and thighs, this is on and off. When I first mentioned this to my nurse he said that it’s nothing time worry about its just a sensory issues and that I’ll be having a relapse when it’s something that effects my mobilty. Is this correct? Thank you for any advice!

mobility sure carries a lot of weight with neurology departments.

i was diagnosed with sensory symptoms, i’d had them for ages and one MRI was enough for them to diagnose me.

write down each new symptom as it occurs with the date.

then you have information for your neuro/nurse.

Hi Armed

There is some good info about recognising and responding to relapses here

which includes

“Any MS symptom could be associated with a relapse but the most common ones include issues with fatigue, dizziness, balance and coordination, eyesight, bladder, weakness in a leg or arm, areas of numbness, pins and needles or pain, memory and concentration, and mobility. You may experience one or several of these symptoms together during a relapse.”

So most definitely not just symptoms affecting mobility.

Thanks guys, I guess I should try and speak to my nurse again. I’m not seeing my neuro until April next year. I don’t want to find out in April I have a lot of new lesions!