Could this be my 1st relapse

Hi all My name is Charlotte & I was diagnosed with RRMS in May 2012. I decided to start treatment back in October of last year and am currently on Copaxone. I have been incredibly lucky as I have not had any relapses since my diagnoses. However last Sat I woke up to find I had a numb feeling in my left leg. This is unusual as the MS has affected mostly the right side of my body. It got a little better mid week so I thought maybe it is the heat which is affecting me as I have been experiencing light headed feeling. As I still have this numb feeling I am starting to think it may be a relapse. Help as starting to worry I have tried calling my MS nurse & left a message but think she may be away on holiday C xxx

Hi Char84, my daughter has just been diagnosed and her last relapse was all right sided which is now better, last Wed her inner thigh of her left leg was numb, over the next few days his spread to her left arm, shoulder, breast and lower back. Her neurologist says this was a sensory relapse and she received 3 days of intravenous steroids. He says that a sensory relapse was not something to really worry about as it did not affect her prognosis. She also started rebif today which is hopefully going to cut down on her relapses as she has had 4 in 6 months. Keep trying to get your M.S. nurse as even if they are on holiday there must be another one who can see you or phone the rehabilitation centre where you are probably attending(?) and speak to your neurologist. I don’t know how good the service is where you are but where we are it is excellent, after phoning the M.S. nurse and speaking to her about Rachael’s symptoms she phoned me within the hour with an appointment for neurologist in 2 days and she started treatment within another 2 days. I hope this is excellent service, maybe other areas are even quicker but I think this is really quick. Good luck and don’t give up phoning. Linda X

Hi Linda Thanks for your feedback I will definitely try my nurse again 2mrw if not i will ring the hospital to speak to my consultant. The numbness is pretty similar to how it felt before I was diagnosed just opposite side. My symptoms always feel worse of an evening I’m guessing that’s because I’m tired then Fingers crossed its not a relapse C xx