Thinking relapse is over but symptoms returning.

Hi all I’m after picking all your knowledgeable brains!

So im having a relapse :frowning: started about 4 weeks ago now. Feet and legs were completely numb. Then my fingertips. Legs wore off after about 2/12 weeks and now both hands are numb. Well I say numb but I feel like I’ve had an anaesthetic. Very odd feeling:

now my left leg is getting the same feeling back again :frowning: I’m quite disheartened as symptoms have always gradually faded and not come back.

Is this normal? Can a relapse happen like this?

Im due to see the neuro next Friday so fingers crossed I get some answers!

Thankyou all for reading :slight_smile:

becca x

Hi Becca, have you had a diagnosis yet?

If so and the problems are changing in their length of time they persist, maybe your MS could be moving on from RR to SP.

Of course that could be totally wrong, and I really hope it is, but just wondering chuck.

Not long till you see the big guy anyway.

Let us know how it goes, yeh?

Good luck.


Hi Becca

My relapses in the past have taken a whole lot longer than a month to remit. So don’t worry if it seems to improve then get a bit worse again. It’s almost certainly the same event.

That is, assuming it is MS. At least you’ve only got to wait a few days mow before you see the neurologist. So make sure you have the details with you of what happened, when the symptoms started, when they seemed to improve, and when get worse again. All of this will be relevant for the neuro.

If it is MS, it is still early days, and the majority of people are diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. So, that would be the most likely. And there are many excellent disease modifying drugs available now to reduce relapses.

So, try not to worry. Hopefully on Friday you’ll get some answers. Just be prepared to not come out of the appointment with anything definitive. To be honest, the most likely outcome is referral for tests, MRI and maybe others.


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