New diagnosis, how long do relapse symptoms last?

Hi everyone,

New here, so hope I’m using this forum correctly!

Last week I was told I have “likely new MS” (they’re just waiting on the antibodies confirmation, I think) after a pretty telling MRI and a whole host of symptoms. My entire left side (hand, torso, and lower half) has gone partially numb, I had extreme prickling/tingling initially which has calmed down, and spasms in my toes have also gone away. But the numbness has now spread to my right foot, and I’m panicking.

They told me by the MRI it’s most likely relapse-remitting, but no definite confirmation. I’ve had these symptoms for about 4 weeks now, and was wondering how long, generally, they could last? For the most part, they’re sensory, but I’m on a 12-17 week waiting list to see an MS specialist. I struggle with anxiety, so obviously the not knowing is causing huge distress and I’m jumping to the worst-case scenario.


Ailsa x

Hi Alisa,

Sorry to hear you’re going through all this. In answer to your question, most relapses last around 8 weeks, but the length can vary from a few days to a few months. I think it’s quite unusual for them to be that short or long though.
Good news about sensory symptoms is that they tend to resolve very well, so hopefully a good recovery from this relapse is just around the corner for you.
I can’t believe the waiting list time! Not surprised you’re feeling anxious. Just make a note of your symptoms every few days to pick up any patterns and then I guess try and distract yourself as far as possible until your appointment.
There are lots of experienced people on here in the meantime if you have any questions so you’ve found a good place :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for responding!!! It’s so comforting to have found a community where people understand it - describing sensations can be infuriating when they’re so weird and hard to pin down.

It’s really reassuring to hear this from you, and hopefully the sensory symptoms continue to improve. I’ll just have to learn to be patient and not expect miracles overnight!

Thanks again. x

No problem, glad having a reply helped to reassure you a bit. It really should settle down for you very soon.
Good luck with the next few weeks x x