Been quite lucky with the relapses so far, usually only sensory problems, but last night my legs started ache. Today i can hardly move and my legs feel like they have lead in them. I can just about lift my feet of the ground but the pain is killing me. Ive never had this trouble before so am i relapsing again?

If its a new symptom I would definitely speak to your ms nurse, could be a relapse. Hope you feel better soon x

I’d say so, unless it’s somehow a side effect of any medication? I wake up during a relapse with heavy legs, I have to use my hands to move them about first thing in the morning. It eases slightly through the day.

Thanks guys.

Nurse thinks its a relapse and im still unable to move properly. It has been suggested I use a “walking aid” until im mobile again.

Im 33 and have a little too much pride to accept, although i know im worng. The fact it has afected my legs like this for the first time is worrying. This is the 4th relapse in less than 18 months.

Are you on any DMDs or if not have any been mentioned? I’m sure you’ll be eligible on that basis. As for mobility aids, I know it’s tough to accept. I’m only 26 and have to use a wheelchair because of balance issues. All I think is its either that or I’m stuck in! Good luck and take care, hope you’re feeling better soon Mini x

Im on rebif but was advised by ms specialist before starting it a few seeks ago to go on gilenya as i have the rapid type. Regardless of that, tysabri was an option if i relapsed again this year. I think my body has made that decision for me now

Same happened with me. I began with copaxone then within a month my ms turned to highly active so I began Tysabri. If medication is available to you it’s well worth a try x