MS winning

Feel like MS is beating me at the moment. Think I’m having my third relapse in a year. My legs don’t seem to want to work all the time and having bad spasms, worse burning legs than normal, shooting pains and they are very sensitive. Having to call in sick to work always makes me feel like a failure, especially since I now have a wheelchair at work to use and I could walk ok’ish first thing this morning. I sometimes think that everything is in my head.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough mate. Take time for yoursef be kind to you! I know easier said than done but onky by taking time out do you give yourself time to heal. I am one of the worst for not taking my own advice and usually just ignore any new things until it is so glaringly obvious and I finally sit on my backside!! Take care sending hugs and trying to think positive thoughts for you!! Shanti, shanti shanti ohmm Julie x

Are you on any kind of DMDs? You could probably go on Tysabri or Gilenya if not on them already and they might make a huge difference to you.

Hi, on Gilenya at the mo, been on it for a year and can’t wait to get off it. Had 3 relapses on it and have never felt so tried and crap all the time.