Relapsing again...

Urgh. This is, by my count, my sixth relapse in just over two years and my third since diagnosis last April. I don’t qualify for DMDs as none have been severe enough for me to have steroids or hospital care. I do try to be positive as I know my relapses and symptoms have been very mild compared to some people’s. However that doesn’t stop me from feeling sorry for myself!! In between relapses I’m fairly symptom free and get lulled into a false sense of security. Today my right hand is stiff with tingly fingers and pain shooting up and down my thumb and forefinger. Nothing I can’t live with, but annoying as previously my problems have been left sided and I have residual weakness and numbness in that hand (neurologist can’t be sure if my original diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome still stands!). Fatigue is just starting to kick in again so I’m resting before my 3 and 5 year tornados come home from nursery and school! Sorry to moan as I know I’m better off than a lot of you guys. X

I just wanted to say, some neuros think you should go on dmds before you start seeing accumulated disability. There is at least one person having Tysabri with me who shows no external signs of disability - obviously she might have improved since she started it.

Also, some neuros just aren’t very good - my own personal view is they generally are the ones that have a ‘wait and see’ attitude. I have seen one of those at my local hospital in the past and now go to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. This is a specialist place and I see a doctor I think is really good. My GP told me everyone is entitled to a second medical opinion on their MS. PM me if you want the name of the doctor I see.

I was diagnosed with progressive relapse ms on the 3rd of may 2012, it was like belonging hit by a truck I have tried to cope the best I can, and I was doing really well, but for the las few weeks I have been in terrible pain with my legs they feel like I have constant cramp in my legs,my back is sore to touch and I am very tired all the time, please could somebody tell me if this is normal x

Hi Giggles,

It is pretty normal I’m afraid. I am feeling like that at the moment. I don’t know if I am in a relapse or not. I have had a cold for two weeks and I think that this has brought on my symptoms. x

Thank you for your reply, i get a lot of pins and needles in my hands,my hips r very painful also I have just made an emergency appointment with the doctors as I haven’t slept for over a week as the pain is unbearable x sorry to hear your not feeling too good either x

Thanks sewingchick. I’ve been thinking a lot about DMDs recently. My neuro said that I’ll only qualify once I’ve had two “disabling relapses” which they class as requiring steroids or hospital admission. Although I’ve been offered steroids I always turned them down as I’ve been able to struggle on - mostly because I’m a stay at home mum so can generally rearrange my days to suit when I need to rest etc. (one is at school and one is at nursery three mornings). I think if I worked now I’d have accepted the steroids and been signed off sick for a couple of weeks/months with each relapse! I’m now wondering if I’m doing myself any favours and I should just accept the steroids to get myself on the list for DMDs! And giggles, unfortunately I think that does sound pretty “normal” (if there is such a thing with MS!). Hope you feel better soon. X