MS Specialist today thinks I could be relasping :(

Hi, Today I had a check up with my specialist and to go over recent MRI results of my head(which showed no change) At the start of the appointment she stated my recent scan should have also have included my neck and spine as my scans both in June and August showed new lesions in those areas. The one in october was only of my head. I made her aware that since Friday I have been having sharp shocks up my back and in my left arm. My arm also feels really heavy and I have very little grip in my hand. Every morning when I have woke I feel like have been beat up as my body aches all over. She suspects this is the start of a new relapse :frowning: Ive not had any real difficulties in the past with my arm or back as its always been my legs that i have had issues with. She advised me to see how I am over the next week and its still the same or worse then she will see if I can get my MRI of my neck and spine sooner as Im not booked to have them until the new year. I do hope its not another relapse as I have only returned to work and I really thought things were getting better. Polly xx

Hi Polly I am sorry to hear your specialist thinks you are having a relapse. I spoke to my nurse on Monday and she says I am having a relapse too. I guess like you I never expected it would happen this is my first. I hope you recover quickly. It is a bit of a bummer if you were just getting yourself sorted out too :frowning: . I am going to pass on the wonderful advice which was given to me yesterday and that is be kind to yourself and rest rest rest. Karen x

Hi Karen I went for my MRI today very short notice they called me at 11 and had the scan at 2. I’ve not really got any better so they managed to get me a cancellation. Hopefully I will get the results soon. I got a list of DMD’s to research as the specialist said with the way I’ve been it will be beneficial for me to start them. I hope your recovering from your relapse as you said all we can do is take it easy and rest. Take care Polly x

Hope you both feel better soon. Have you been offered steroids to speed the recovery? They don’t work for everyone but some people do benefit. Might be especially useful with Christmas round the corner…

Ann xx

Hi Ann Thanks I was given steroids earlier this week so beginning for feel better. Luckily I’ve just finished up work until after the new year as I had lots of annual leave left so my boss allowed me to take the time now instead of taking more sick days. So no excuses now plenty rest for me. Polly x