Hello to all you lovely people. I have had ms for 6 years and have not as yet been brave enough to join( DON’T KNOW WHY) but now i am very much hoping you can help me with my problem. I am due to get another mri in a couple of weeks. I have had a cold which went into a chest infection and think i now could be having my first ever relapse since diagnosis. My left leg is very weak and balance shot to pot but the weirdest thing is that my left side under my ribs feels numb is this norm. PLEASE COULD YOU ADVISE

Sounds normal to me marydan, feels numb but stick pins there and you’d feel everyone . Welcome to the site.

Can I be nosy and ask why the MRI if you have been relapse and i’m assuming symptom free for six years.

Jan x

My annual neuro appointment was three weeks ago and after we went through usual wee tests etc we were discussing my feelings now on dmd’s and i had said maybe I should have started them 6 years ago when first diagnosed.This then went onto us discussing how I

had no relapses but there still could be damage etc and mri was then suggested. I spoke to soon cause then the cold and this but hopefully it will pass. I nursed my mum who had ms and know what may and may not happen but just a bit scared just now . thank you so much for kind reply

It’s really good he is keeping a regular check on you. Welcome to the forum you will find it very useful, I have gained lots of knowledge about various things by just reading and asking.

As Polar Bear said let us know how things go.

Jan x

my relapse this past summer had a ‘sense’ of numbness to it. I had hoped it was well timed as we get a fair number of mossies and they cannot resist me! No such luck. despite the numb, the itches were as ferocious as ever.

but the itches and the numbness fade; now i just get the occasional sensation of ants having a rave in various places.

I hope your brain photos bring reason to feel this latest bout is simply a dose of the seasonal lurgy.

Hello marydan

Welcome to the forum

Good luck with the next MRI. I’m primary progressive, so can’t say too much about relapses but hope things get sorted out for you following scan results.

Look forward to chatting more


Thank you to all who answered my paniky question. Still loaded with this cold and the numbness still there. My leg feels a little stronger but balance wacked. I have told my ms nurse who said it was a psuedo relapse and should go after virus cleared. I will keep an eye on things and am so very grateful to you all xxx