2nd Episode I think

I think I might be experiencing my 2nd Episode but I’m not sure. I was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago following optiic neuritis & scans, etc. Initially it was you have MS and then well It’s clinically isolated episode so will likely lead to MS but it might not. 2 years of initial fear of what is going to happen to me, to 10 years plus later no sign of anything, until last Friday.

I’ve been away on hols sightseeing & walking in Northumbria & Scotland, to find on Friday night I had some numbness in my left foot & lower leg, I thought nothing of it until over the last few days It’s been getting worse. No pain just numbness to touch from thigh to toe & a feeling my leg is really cold like being in an ice bath but It’s the same temperature as my other leg. Saw a GP while I was away who suggested I visit A&E, they said not a stroke or back pain so very likely MS related as It’s one leg and unilateral. Suggestion was to see own GP & ask for a referral to neurology asap which A&E will back up in writing.

Does this sound like an episode to you? I’ve got no idea as it will be my 2nd one in 12 years & the first one I didn’t even know was linked to MS until after the evet with an out of the blue diagnosis.

Feeling very scared right now & unsure where to turn, what advice to seek & also how to handle the numbness & the uncomfortableness I’m experiencing with it.

GP tomorrow & Will also call MS nurse.


hi wolfie

hope the ms nurse can reassure you.

if he or she says it’s a relapse, then you’ll probably get a diagnosis of ms.

maybe you just need some physio though.

if you DO get a diagnosis, bear in mind that it isn’t the end.

or maybe this forum is full of zombies!

i do actually walk like a zombie.

best wishes for a happy outcome

carole x

Thanks Carole, I’m also hoping for a positive outcome.

Had a ruff nights sleep last night, felt like my leg wanted to do it’s wn thing. Constatly felt uncomfortable, like something was moving inside my leg. This morning on getting up & about it feels numb again but in an odd way.

Fingers crossed they can sort me out.

it does sound like an m.s. episode. Almost certainly it will recover over the next few weeks - don’t think there’s much the medics can do about it. What may happen in the next few years is that you experience the same thing periodically - if that happens it would be a relapse not an attack. You may qualify for a DMD which will hopefully prevent any more attacks. (I find it difficult to get my head round the notion that we have a condition that flares up and then goes into hibernation for many years!)

Wow - 12 years between relapses. What a shocker for you to suddenly get a second attack. It does sound like it’s either another CIS or the start of relapsing remitting MS (I’m sorry to say). I wouldn’t normally suggest that something is or isn’t MS related but given that you were told that it was MS/CIS 12 years ago, it sounds likely.

But, it still might not be!

You are doing the right thing by seeking a referral to a neurologist and also speaking to the MS nurse.

Supposing it is another CIS, it could be that it will gradually get better, then more years go by before you have anything further. Or it could be over and done with completely. I hope so.

All the best.


Many thanks for your reply. I’m optimistic this will settle soon, It’s just getting used to the symptoms as it does feel odd. I agree this disease is odd, you just get your head around things & then something pops up.

Many thanks for your reply. 12 years is a good amount of time & I feel very lucky It’s been that long.

I’m getting a Neuro referral which is a start. I’m keeping everything crossed.

Take care

Hi, confirmed as a sensory relapse, starting steroids, MRI planned & seeing consultant in a few weeks. Hoping scan doesn’t show too much change, fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone for you kind words & support.