A quick query

Afternoon Folks,

Thought I’d just post on here as I have one or two questions. Ever since my fingers started tingling and then subsequently my legs have been dodgy, I have gone through periods of barely any tingling, excessive tingling, sometimes almost normal (but considerably weaker than what I would consider my norm), meanwhile, my legs have been varying from, shaky to ok, never normal, but as I’ve previously said sometimes I can walk a few miles on a good surface, sometimes, not far at all (well, it feels that way at least). I was wondering if this was typical of MS symptoms? Because I’ve done some reading and sometimes I get the feeling that people get a lot better after an attack, some people get a slight reprieve then it worsens. Horses for courses really I guess. I’ve also been thinking about my nerve conduction test which registered as abnormal. I know this was initially because they suspected cubital tunnel, but now I’ve read about Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) and I haven’t started to worry perse, (because it generally found in people much older, and I’m not experiencing a lot of the symptoms) but I wonder if it’s the neurophysiologist following it up as my last one came back as abnormal or if there may be something more in it. Have read the NCS’s are done with people who have MS, but it neither confirms nor disproves whether someone has it. Either way, next week is looming and my mind is starting to wander. I’m starting to think “having I been getting progressively worse”, “Has there been any improvements” and starting to doubt what I have been told before. As there has been improvements and my partner has noticed (even though I wonder consider them rubbish)

Any Advice?

I think the best advice I can give you is to try not to think about it so much and wait and see what the consultants say.

I realise that this is probably impossible so I will also tell you that MS is so variable that, while there are typical patterns, there are also loads of people who just don’t conform to them. However:

Most people with (all types of) MS have bad days and better/good days. The proportion of each varies massively, as does the extent to which they are different.

Recovery from relapses can take a year or even more and the improvements during that time can be so small that they aren’t noticeable on a day to day or even a week to week basis - it’s only when you compare the beginning with the end that you can really tell. Recovery is also not in a straight line so it can feel like we’re going backwards at times.

The amount that symptoms recover can be anything from 0-100%. Generally, most people get some level of recovery after an attack. The level of improvement tends to be better in the earlier years though.

There are literally hundreds of neurological/genetic/neuromuscular/… conditions that could be causing your symptoms. I know it’s pretty irresistible, but trying to narrow it down yourself may well be a terrible waste of your time, energy and emotions, never mind scare yourself silly(!), so it really is best to keep an open mind and avoid googling.

I really hope the appointments go well next week and you get some answers. Let us know?

Karen x

Hello Paul,

It took 2 years and numerous tests before my diagnosis was confirmed and I spent many hours trawling the internet looking at possible causes to the symptoms I was experiencing, to the point it was becoming an addiction; from a personal perspective it did not offer me a signifigant solution and became an exhausting ritual and so I stopped and trusted in the doctors who were trying to find out what was wrong.

It was very frustrating as I was feeling so physically unwell and had an abundance of usually (doom and gloom) thoughts rushing about in my head.

My recovery time from the relapses I have had has been variable depending on how they affected me but I am fortunate and grateful always for the recovery I do make and live with their consequences.

I have very good days, good days and bad days, only this tuesday I had a bad day and yet on wednesday I felt so much better. Such is my life.

I accept this; it’s getting others to that is the problem.

I have very similar symptoms to many of my fellow forum users but I have some that when I have mentioned them to my ms nurse are new to her, mind i’ve still to share them on the forum!!

But as I often say; we are joined by the uniqueness of the special people we are.

Keep in touch

joy x

Hi, yes, of course I will let you know the outcome. These symptoms are taking some getting use too. Recently i’ve woken up in the morning feeling a bit sick, but I never use to. But looking through the citalopram side effects leaflet apparently a very comoan side effect is feeling sick, which is sooo lame. Any way appointments are looming, i’m going to list my symptoms and talk them through with the neuro guys and as politley as I can demand answers/more tests!

Wow, spelling is awful today. I am a victim of a poor nights sleep!