hi all , just a little update been back to see neuro this week after getting relapse with my cis, wasnt looking farward to it but they seemed as though they knew it was def a relapse and are sending me for second mri ,neuro done couple checks and one with like a pin thing in it to see if i could feel it, were on left leg it didnt feel sharp, she also says what it ment with it been a relapse and asked me what i thought about having ms, really what can you say when you have put up with it for so long im just glad im starting to get answers, so just waiting on appointment for mri coming now

lucy x

Well, you’ve certainly done the right thing, letting them know that you were having symptoms again, even though it must feel like another step down a road you don’t want to be on. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.



How long after first symptoms was your relapse ? If u don’t mind me asking

hi alison and coley,

yeh its gd that i might be getting answers now

coley i got my first symptoms about 2 year ago and they all went away about a year ago as they were coming and going up till then,now the symptoms have come back with other stuff a year later so would say a year i was fine without any problems

lucy x