got a neuro appointment through for September. fed up now and just want answers, feel like ive been waiting for ever. symptoms got really bad in january for 3 months, got bit better then felt much better over past 6 weeks. past few days symptoms are back worse than ever and dread the thought again. i assume if i get a diagnosis of ms this is a relapse. sorry to moan , i know everyone here is in the same boat but feeling very down just now x

I sympathise hun but your getting closer to a diagnosis so hang on in there. krissy :slight_smile:

You are in the right place for some moral support. I think I have come to the tail end of my ‘relapse’ and dread if it was to flare up again so soon. Think my previous relapse was about 4 years ago. I hope you feel a little bit better. Can appreciate how fed up you are…I have my scans in September and would want someone to tell me now what is going on with me…but patience is a virtue and all that x

Hello Serena!

I’m afraid I’ve not been on here for a while - well not ‘active’ anyway! I’ve been burying my head in the sand a bit as I’ve been a lot better after starting Baclofen & Gabapentin months & months ago - although for the past few weeks my symptoms have been returning - and I’m finding it more & more difficult to ignore things!

Anyway - I just want to say anybody in your positition would feel flippin depressed! It IS depressing to be suffering chronically - to feel isolated and to not understand why these things are happening to you - and worse of all to feel that the medics are not understanding or taking you seriously or dragging their feet and taking ages to get to the point where you get the right help and support xxx

I had a bit of a shock when I came on here this morning and had a gander at my profile that I’ve been a reluctant ‘member’ for 1 yaer, 25 weeks and 5 days!!! Ewww!!!

I felt even worse when I looked at the new (to me) thing where you can look at past posts!! They are so raw and desperate and frightened and daunted - I’m terrified that this is a relapse & I’m going to go back there again!!

So don’t apologise for moaning - sometimes in the ‘real’ world we know that people don’t really understand - don’t really ‘get it’ - but on here we all do because as you say - same boat - same pond!!


thanks everyone, youve no idea how much having this site helps xx