So will this be it?

I was diagnosed with CIS in August after being hospitalised with symptoms all down my left side. I then had a relapse in October and got affected all down my right side but I was not diagnosed with MS as this lesion was already on my MRI but was small and not active at the time. Anyway on Saturday I started relapsing again. I’ve reported it to my MS nurse who is passing the information on to my neuro. I just wonder if this will now cause me to be diagnosed or if he will still count this as CIS. Fancy joining me in a bet? I think CIS, what do you think? I’m going to try for DMTs when I see him next month either way, having had two relapses already and never having recovered from the first episode.

what’s DMTs?

Sorry things have been so intense for you, im not in any way as badly affected (if at all- yet to see a dr) so Im probably the wrong person to chip in, I just wanted to send you some support and hope you get seen to soon, but we have the xmas period coming up that seems to bring the world to a halt, whilst folk are left to fend for themselves. At least there is this forum, where we can let our concerns out. Keep talking xxxx

Hi -

I am in the exact same boat.

My neuro told me that in order to change my diagnosis of CIS to MS, he would need to see ‘radiological evidence’ of further lesions ( in addition to my description of new symptoms). He went to great pains to explain to me that this was not because he didn’t believe what I was saying (when I said I felt I might be relapseing), but that for formal diagnostc purposes he would need to see radiological evidence.

So even though you have symptoms of a relapse, your neuro might request a further MRI to establish the presence of evidence of new lesions before he is able to change your diagnosis.

I hope he orders another mri for you to see what’s going on. Hope you get somewhere xx

Wishing you Clarity, Puddinglover!

Deadchick07 Disease Modifying Treatments - so drugs to try to prevent further relapses.