CIS & DMT, anyone?!

CIS & DMTs?! Sounds like some strange police force programme doesn’t it?!

Does anyone have a diagnosis of clinically isolated syndrome and been offered any disease modifying therapies? I’ve got an appointment with another consultant next week for a 2nd opinion (2nd MRI showed a ‘possible’ further lesion in thoracic spine but no changes on brain and cervical spine) and also to discuss options for medication and was wondering if anyone had any advice to share?

Obviously I’d rather not rush into taking any medication unless necessary but also if it might help in the future (lots of what ifs though) then I’d consider it.

Anyone in a similar boat? Thanks!

Hi Lilypad13 I have had diagnosis of cis for 3 years. My Neuro is only willing to start dmt if I show new lesions, which although i have had further symptoms have not shown new lesions. I have over 20 brain lesions, 1 spinal lesion and positive lumbur puncture. Will be interested in replies to your question also. Hope you are well

This, to me is what is wrong with the way CIS is treated, have a look at

In my opinion, someone with CIS could convert to MS, it’s worth taking a low risk DMD (Copaxone?) to delay conversion.

If only all neurologists saw things the same way, and if only everyone was treated in the same way!!