I’ve had a very stressful few days that seem to have made my symptoms much more severe. At the moment I feel like I would much rather have milder symptoms all the time than ‘crashes’.

I got to the stage where the fatigue, muscle weakness, altered sensations and stiffness was so bad I was physically sick.

I then spent 48 hours in bed and was too exhuasted and weak to sit up or turn over, I only got up to go to the loo a couple of times and eat once, the stiffness and weakness made this exhausting and I was having to use the wall and furniture to turn, sit, stand and walk at all.

The symptoms have improved slowly over the last few days, I’ve been resting completely. But I’m unable to walk any real distance, I nearly cried with despair this morning as the thought of walking from the car to my office seemed too daunting and I did cry on the short drive as holding the clutch down was so hard, fatiguing and painful it was untrue.

I also seem to have lost control of my bladder and bowels again. I’ve had several accidents over the last couple of days.

I’m reluctant to go to my GP, he perscribed meds for some of my symptoms but is unwilling to do anything else. It’s times like these that I feel like the ME/Fibromyalgia/probable MS diagnosis isn’t useful in getting me the help I need right now.

What can I do to help myself cope without going back to the GP?

Hi Tabitha

first let me give you a bug cuddle and second - should you really be going to work?

I can’t remember your diagnostic journey or where you are but are you under an MS specialist or have you been diagnosed yet?



Oh Tabitha, my heart really does go out to you hun. Whether you have ME or MS it sounds like you shouldn’t be working at the moment so please do think about getting yourself signed off for a while.

If you have ME, it’s especially important that you take time out to rest as continuing to push yourself could trigger a serious relapse that could take you a very long time to recover from, so until you get your final dx, I think it’s better to err on the side of caution.

I know that there is a lot of pressure to keep on working, but your health comes first and it may be worth having a chat with occupational health to see if you could find a solution that works for all of you i.e. some time off followed by a phased return to work or reduced hours or maybe even some work you could do from home?.

It also sounds as though you really should not be driving at the moment so please just give it some thought eh?

Take care hun, sending you some more hugs & here if you want to chat.

Mags xx

Please rest completely and don’t go anywhere near work of any kind until you are MUCH better. It would also be a good idea to see a GP so that this attack can be documented and to ask whether you should be seeing or talking to your neuro.

It might feel like giving in, but it’s not - it’s allowing your body to use as many resources as possible to try and fight back.

Make sure and get a nice long sick note!


Karen x

Please rest Tabitha, You have to listen to your body.

Rest as much as you can.

Jan xx