Fed up today

Hi all. I’m a bit down in the dumps today. This relapse has lasted 2 months now but for the last week or so I’ve had some days when I’ve felt quite well. I work full time and went back two weeks ago after 3 weeks off and have been doing reduced hours. Yesterday I felt so much better and was excited that things were looking up. Then got up this morning and feel like I’ve been hit by a tonne of bricks again! Not sure what to do and wondering if I’ve gone back to work too soon. How do you know when you’re well enough to do a bit more? If it was a cold or virus I’d work through it knowing i’d get over it eventually but is it different with relapses? Do they last longer if you try to do too much?

Hi Sunflower, Yes relapses are different, doing too much can easily knock us back. I wouldn’t like to say the relapse itself will last longer but certainly overdoing it can have disastrous effects and make it feel that way. Easing into things gently is the way to go, but of course that’s easier said than done when we need to work. I work full time myself and it’s been quite challenging managing, but I’m getting there. I don’t know what you do for a living, but stepping back and taking a good hard look at where you can make changes to how you manage your day-today- workload can help. Are there any changes you can make? However small those changes are, together they can make a big difference. Have you told your employer about your diagnosis? Employers are legally bound to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to help keep you in employment. For example, I have issues with my eyes so my employer bought a large computer screen for me. I do things like limiting the amount of times I troop up & down the stairs (I’m at the top of the building). I delegate jobs to others where I can, and have diaries, calendars and post it notes pinned everywhere to help me remember stuff. I manage my workload depending on how I feel that day, which luckily I’m able to do. Having discussed my health with my boss I know that when the time comes to reduce my hours or days, he’s behind me 100% and we’ll work something out between us. It’s hard finding that balance, but it is possible to make changes which can help you. The MS Society do a booklet on issues at work, I think it’s called MS at Work - it’s definitely worth reading! At the end of the day your health is the most important thing here, so doing what is best for you is vital! Hope that helps a bit, mail me anytime. Debbie xx

In my experience, going back to work too soon just extends the relapse :frowning:

Knowing when you are ready to do more is trial and error though so it’s really hard to get right :frowning:

Given that it’s only in the last week or so that you’ve been feeling better, I would guess you’ve jumped the gun with going back to work, but we all get good and bad days (irrespective of relapses) so it might be that you’re just having a bad day and you’ll bounce back tomorrow. Alternatively, you might be coming down with a virus - that can make everything worse.

I hope you’re feeling better again soon.

Karen x

Thanks Karen. Feel a little bit better today, needed to sleep for a couple of hours at about 2 though again. I think I’m overdoing it during the times I feel better but it’s hard not to isn’t it when there are things that need doing!

Thanks Karen. Feel a little bit better today, needed to sleep for a couple of hours at about 2 though again. I think I’m overdoing it during the times I feel better but it’s hard not to isn’t it when there are things that need doing!

Sorry to hear your feeling down, but it will pass and you will bounce back again. It does take a while to come back after a relapse. I’m still recovering from mine and some days I feel fine then the next I feel terrible. Just give yourself time and don’t push yourself to hard. Janet x

Awful isn’t it I’m having what they suspect is my first relapse 8 weeks now The last 2 days been feeling a lot better , went shopping with my little girl But today feeli terrible, don’t want even get out of bed. But they tell me will get better ,so hang in there and good luck

Hi sunflower,

I actually thought id written a post id forgotten about then, until i chacked the name! Exactly the same. Had a sick note for 2 months went back after 2 weeks reduced hours as i seemed less stiff around the house. But BANG im stiff struggling to walk more than around house and struggling to stay awake. I was so tired i had to stop hoovering today my arms are so weak!!

Like you ive no idea what to expect time wise. I suppose youre like me feeling guilty about having the time off?? Im never ill from work this was the first time!! But tbh im no better thought of going back early and now i feel lime i cant stay off even though i recognise it was too early.

I suppose we need to go through this fully to understand the next time? we are new to this, and also need to k n ow what is too much for our bodies, and how to minimise the exhaustion, fTigue, stiffness etc…

I hope you are feeling better soon mate, i know how frustrating this is when we have no answers yet. Thabk goodness for these kind people on here who can guide us through.

kel x

Thanks everyone. It’s just good to talk about it - I’m putting a brave face on for everyone in real life. I’m going to try and take it easier this week x