Not sure what to do...

Hi all I am having my first relapse since i was dx and i cant seem to get work to understand how im feeling and that they could do with being slightly sympathetic as my job involves a lot of typing and its my hands and legs that are mostly affected and I am finding it hard to hot my deadlines. I dont think it helps that i am slightly emotional as its just starting to sink in that its ms. Any help would be appreciated Sam xx

Hi Sam, Would going off sick be an option? I know you may feel that’s not ideal, if you can “manage” (just not as fast as usual). But unfortunately, it’s often assumed that if you’re well enough to be at work, there should be no difference in quality or quantity. I assume your employers would rather you still did your work - just a little slower - than that you weren’t there to do it at all? Have you put it to them that if they can’t offer any flexibility on deadlines, your only real alternative may be to go sick? It doesn’t sound as if you’d have any trouble at all getting signed-off from a typing job, with a relapse affecting mostly your hands. An MS diagnosis means you are protected by law (as long as you’ve told them, of course). They have to make “reasonable adjustments” to help you stay in work. I would have thought adjusting your workload - particularly if it’s only temporary whilst you’re actually having a relapse - would be a “reasonable adjustment”. If they can’t/won’t be more accommodating, then the best option is probably to go off sick. Perhaps then they will learn it’s better to compromise, and still get something out of you, than pay for you to be off sick altogether? Tina x

Thanks Tina Thats really useful. My mom got me a leaflet on MS and work so I might leave it lying around the office hehe. Strangly enough I posted this on my way to work and when i got in they seemed a lot more understanding today after sending me home on friday. I do prefer being at work as i dont want to admit defeat but i think if it got worse i would go to my gp. Especially as today i found it very painful to hold a pen and write. Thanks again for the advice. Your a star x

Is not easy to get your head around. I am finding it that i am very emotional. X

I was convinced i had MS when i first started getting symptoms as its a big thing in our family (to which my gp told me it wouldnt be and was vertigo) but this is the first relapse since i was diagnosed so i think it really hit me on friday and i was just a crying mess. When did you get diagnosed Conniet if you dont mind me asking? X