relapse and work

hi all

i really am goimg through a really bad relapse in so much pain and dont know what to do, i started new job before christmas ,knowing i cis but have been fine for about a year and nothing too bad, docs and ms nurse has asked me how im coping with the work and at the time i felt alright and they says as long as i know i can do it then it should be fine i work mon to fri, but time the weekend comes my body is so sore when i try to relax,even at work i am in pain i spoke to ms nurse the other day over the phone and he just says to take things slowly but i cant as i clean a private school and its 6 hrs work with half hour break each day, i really feel as though my body is draining away and i cant do nothing about it with just starting this new job, waiting on mri as to comfirm def ms as neuro done some tests and has asked me what i thought if i have ms, is there anything i can do

pls help i feel stuck

lucy x

Are you on meds for the pain? If you are, then it sounds like you either need a higher dose or a change of med. If you aren’t, then it sounds like you should be. I’m not sure what can be done about your job except perhaps to change hours, but getting your pain under control has to be a good start. Karen x