work and relapse

Hi, i’m currently relapsing. My symptoms are mainly pain/aching/vibrations in my legs. It’s been going on, on and off, for a week now and if anything, it seems to be getting worse. I am taking gabapentin, but am not sure if it is having much effect, I am finding it physically and emotionally draining. I was just wondering if other people tend to work through their relapses? And also if there are other things people have done for the pain?



Hi Anna, I’ve learnt from experience not to work through a relapse. You need to rest and listen to your body. I’ve pushed myself before and just ended up worse. Be kind to yourself xx

Hi Anna I am also going through the same as you with very similar symptoms as you , I also have pins n needles in my hands with heavy achy arms . I work part time and I am not sure whether I should be off work . Even on my days off where I try to rest as much as possible it doesn’t seem to make any difference . This has been going on for 5 weeks now . I have called the MS nurse to inform her what is going on and she has sent me an appointment to see her in January. I am about to call my GP to get something to help with nerve pain but I have read up quite a bit on different medications and most reviews say weight gain and that puts me off going on anything as that would seriously stress me out and make me ill . Can I ask have you gained weight on gabapentin . I know It’s silly not getting my MS stuff hopefully sorted but I really couldn’t cope putting on weight . Take care

thanks all. no, I haven’t had any weight gain on gabapentin. I spoke to my nurse yesterday and she said she is going to speak to the consultant today - there may be the possibility of steroids, although they also say that steroids don’t always work with sensory symptoms. My legs feel a bit better today, so although I’m in bed, I am thinking of actually getting up and dressed later - we will see!

you go anna, its naff day wet and cold in london , not sure where you are , stay in bed with a cuppa … best place to be …

Hello, I found this thread really interesting as I am also going through a relapse (first since my diagnosis) and I am still at work. Luckily today is my last day before the Christmas break as I have plenty of annual leave to take. I am completely numb now from the chest down. It isn’t affecting my function, I am walking slightly odd and tend to knock things over but apart from that I can feel my feet enough to walk fine and can drive perfectly well. I feel very heavy though, and was starting to wonder about my ability to work if this is to continue. Thank you for the thread, it is great to see that I am not alone in this, and that it is ok to need to rest!

Hi all, relapse still continuing. Tingling has now started in my feet… has anyone else had this? It’s quite painful.

Feeling down :frowning:

Hi Anna,

I began relapsing a week ago, which began with altered feeling in my legs and feet - I found that increasing my gabapentin started to reduce this - how many mgs are you on a day?

I’m just coming off a five day high dose of steroids, which doesn’t seem to have altered any feeling as yet - in fact I have lost further feeling and use of my hands.

Are you managing to rest lots?


Hi Anna.I work too and have always managed to keep working.I’ve just had my first period off work this year with a makes you feel guilty though doesn’t it? I have been told I have to start medication and I’m nervous about work .

Hi, I’ve found it interesting reading through these messages. I’m currently experiencing new/worsened symptoms which include heavy/achy arms and legs - it feels like my legs/arms are suddenly made of concrete and like I have to drag them (although I don’t actually have to). This comes on out of nowhere and lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. Also been feeling light headed, dizzy and have had ‘funny’ vision on and off

I am in the process of coming off gabapentin (from 1500mg a day to 300mg currently) as I suffered with side effects. I know this may be to do with the symptoms getting worse. I’m quite stubborn when it comes to admitting these things are happening so am still in work. I like to keep the ‘normality’ of work, even though sometimes I worry that it’s at the expense of my wellbeing.