Hi there

I think I am going through a relapse I have the most dreadful nuralgia pains down the side of my face /head and my whole right side feels numb and tingles I have had this for over a week now and I am feeling so down and listless and my balance is all over the place. I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago, the MRI scan showed I had lesions at the back of my neck. I saw my GP last Thursday and she said she would get in touch with my neurologist for me to have another MRI and get in touch with MS nurse.

This is making me feel so very down and tearful, I have to go back to work on Tuesday and I am so worried I will fall over walking..

.It's so great to have someone to talk to like this forum because people on here know what it's like.

Thank you for reading this 

Jacquie. xx

I am sorry to hear you are unwell.

Have you tried to contact your Neuro,s office and ask them for advice?

What medication are you on?


Have you contacted your MS nurse?

Hi Charlie I am just taking co-codamol at the moment but think I may have to start taking gabapentin the pain is so unbearable.   

Jacquie x

Hi Jacquie,

Sorry you are suffering.

If you are the same come Tuesday, please don't try and go back to work.

If it is a relapase you need rest but also, don't put your yourself through the stress or the risk of falling. You are far more important than work.

As Charlie has suggested, make sure your Neuro is aware, either through your GP or his/her secretary; steroids may help to speed this episode up.

I hope you are feeling better soon.



Hi Jaquie -so sorry to hear about your problems. When I had RRMS, IV steroids sorted me out every time.Please don't try going back to work before you consult neuro as you'll only make things worse. Hope things improve for you soon.

Hi every one thank you for the replies.


My boss is a bit of an old stickler and I don't think I will be able to go back to work I feel zonked out and my balance has gone to pot.I can't afford to have days off, I didn't ask for a 'sick note' from my GP so I don't know what to do? I expect it will be ages until I see my neuro and my MS nurse. My boss is not very compassionate he is 70 and thinks I should be fitter than him! some people don't seem to understand how debilitating MS is. I don't want to lose my job. I have used up a lot of my holiday through sickness.

Bless you all for your help.

Jacq xx

Hi Jacq,

please go back to the doc and get a sick note. you cannot go to work feeling like you do and it will do you more harm. You are covered by the Disability Act  and your work has to follow the guidelines. 

Phone your neuro and your ms nurse perhaps they could prescibe steroids - your doc could also prescribe steroids. Like BelindaR they have helped me every relapse.

look after yourself

Kathryn x