Another relapse help

Hi I was officially diagnosed with MS last week having 2 attacks this year led to my diagnoses. I am going back to work today after 2 weeks off with this and I think I’m having another attack, blurred vision and blur in right eye (last time it was the left one) I’v not yet heard from an MS nurse and neurologist secretary wasn’t much help so I just don’t have a clue what to do, last time I was given steroids would I need them again? All of this is so confusing I’m hoping it will just calm down in a couple of days just don’t need this with going back to work I just feel lost.

Hello Beki,

I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with this at the moment. It seems like you are in a gap between services right now, which isn’t very helpful. I would suggest that if you don’t yet have an MS nurse and Nuero assigned to you, that you go to your GP and see if they can hurry things along.

As I remember it, my first few instances of nueritis happened in quick succession. Stress was a triggering factor for me, so I would say don’t try and rush back to work if this is kicking off again. Get signed off by your GP, rest and be kind to yourself. Once you are allocated a nurse, you’ll feel much better, just knowing you have some professional support in place. And once you have some meds sorted, you’ll feel better, that you are more in control of things and doing something about it.

Talk to your GP. There is a case for getting yourself signed off: you’re not well and you’re relapsing and you need time and peace to support your recovery.
This is advice I was extremely bad at taking myself in my working days, and soldiering on didn’t do me many favours, quite honestly. We’re all better at giving good advice than taking it, aren’t we?