Just wondered if anybody got any advice on time of relapses, I was diagnosed 4 months ago but have been having some of the visual symptoms for nearly a year before being diagnosed. How long is it before I can expect a remit? I am getting very low as feel like none of this will ever improve. Please can anyone give me any advice?

hi emma-lisa

have you got a ms nurse?

if so, have a talk to him/her.

if not contact your neuro’s secretary and ask to be put in touch with one.

honestly no one can tell you when your eye problems will improve but neuro/ms nurse may be able to help with symptom management.

it won’t always be like this. i remember after my own diagnosis i was wondering if i would ever be able to walk without a stick or husband to hold onto. i did improve considerably.

have you been put on any disease modifying drug?

carole x

Hi carole

i am under an Ms nurse, I am currently deciding on betainterferon as a disease modifier I don’t know how effective they are and don’t want my hair to go thin and other side effects. The consultant is highly recommending I have the betainterferon but from other things I have read it may remit of its own accord anyway.

i am struggling mentally as am feeling the enormity of this illness and how there is no cure. For example if you have a dodgy appendix you have the op, pain killers for a few weeks and then back to normal. But with this it is like being on a slippery slope. However I do know someone with Ms and you wouldn’t know she has it.

i just wondered if these relapses go after a period of time so I can chill out a bit about it. The nurse has told me to take 6 mths and do exactly that!

Thanks so much for responding


hi emma-lisa

relapses do go after a time - the bu**er is when?

take that 6 months and by the end you will know what to do.

as for the mental struggle, try mindfulness meditation which uses your breathing.

it is wonderfully relaxing and can really help with pain management.

Carole x