Relapse or not?

Hi. I’m just after a bit of advice. I’m diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. This started on 20th August for me. I lost my vision in my right eye but very slowly has come back. It Is very poor still and I’m doubtful it will ever recover properly. I’ve had a brain MRI confirming demyelination and lesions in the periventricular area. My vision has been stable now for about 8-10 weeks. However in the past few days, I’ve noticed an increase in the blurriness I can see. It appears to be getting worse rather than getting any better. I’ve been to my gp today and he is writing to my neurologist. Does this sound like the same attack or would this be classed as a relapse? My gp was unsure as my vision has been stable in that eye for quite a few weeks. I would be grateful if anyone has any experience of this please. Emma xx

If your vision has been stable, I’d say this is a relapse. Try to see your neurologist to discuss it with him/her. You may need another MRI or a visit to an eye specialist for confirmation.

Many thanks for your reply. I’m waiting to hear back now. This is my first ms like symptom, unsure of how long a relapse could possibly be after the initial attack!

Some years ago I had a relapse that cleared up. Two weeks later I had the same symptoms. I’ve never been sure whether they were two separate relapses, or one with a short respite in the middle. Two months in between episodes seems more like two separate relapses, but that’s just my opinion. I hope your eyesight settles down in a good way.

The MS Trust defines a new relapse as occuring at least 30 days after the previous one commenced. That (sort of) accords with my neuro’s definition. Either completely new symptoms or a definite increase or complete re-emergence of previous ones. In the absence of infections etc of course.