Vision problems & recurrent ON

Hello all. I had Optic Neuritis in April this year and subsequent MRI etc. etc. which showed up lesions. Went fully blind in one eye then recovered sight to approx 90%. Not got MS diagnosis yet but told very likely. Anyway, for the last four days my vision in the same eye has gone strange again. There is a definite difference and I have some particular areas that are sometimes fuzzy and blurred - which makes an object that I can see in my visual field but not actually staring at look as if it is moving in a fuzzy like way. It’s been the same for 4 days and isn’t actually getting worse. Saw optician yesterday who advised I go to A&E - did that and now it’s a waiting game, doc said either ON again or could be floaters. Due back in 4 weeks. I wonder what other peoples’ experiance of recurrent ON was - and whether it was the same as first episode or could be quite different? Would love to hear thoughts. Many thanks, Sam

That sounds a little similar to the ON I have at the moment except mine is fuzzy on eBay i am focusing on and clear around the edges with à definate difference in colour and sharpness. Was seen at the eye hospital and followed upand just been told to wait to see what happens. I’ve had this episode since August and its getting better slowly, but occasionally I have days where it feels worse. I hope tours recovers soon. :slight_smile: