Eye flare up

I got diagnosed with optical neuritis In November and I’m still recovering, I’m concerned because some days my eye seems like it’s getting better and some days it seems a lot worse. Is this normal? As I thought by now things would start getting back to normal. My peripheral vision has always been fine. But some days in my left eye which is the damaged one, things seem even more blurry and cloudy and fuzzy, it’s been 4.5 months now and I’m not seeing any signs of recovery, I had steroids for it when I got diagnosed. Is this normal? Cause I’m worried my eye will never be the same :frowning:

I can’t say whether or not it’s normal - everyone is different I guess. If I were you I would contact your MS Nurse and see what she/ he says. ( I doubt if anyone on this forum can say what is normal and what is unusual and/or concerning so, it’s best to ask the health professionals).

It’s normal. I was the same. The bad eye was going from ok to very blured vision within hours… and it was a temporary situation, lasting a few hours, then it would go back to my “normal bad”. While you recover from ON, things such as sickness, stress, heat, exercise, fast walking, fatigue, will affect your eye. This is not a relapse but a temporary thing. It has a name, I don’t recall it. If it goes really bad and you don’t see improvement within 24 hours or so, then you may be getting a relapse, i.e. a second ON incident that is isolated from the first one. Talk to your doctor.

After my ON my eye took about 8 months to recover. Recovery was slow. I was almost blind in that eye, but I recovered 80% of my vision. With glasses on, my vision is pretty good as we speak.

Are you taking vitamin D? In my case, I truly believe that a very high prescription of Vitamin D speeded up the recovery. My vitamid D had been extremely low. Ask your doctor.

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https://www.mssociety.org.uk/sites/default/files/2022-07/Hot%20and%20cold%20(Temperature)%20May%202016b%20(FR).pdf has the answer to your question. Thank you. :blush:

I had 2 bouts of ON four months apart, one in each eye. It took 18 months for my eyesight to recover fully and one eye never came back to completely 100%.

It’s common for vision to fluctuate during optic neuritis recovery due to factors like stress and fatigue. Recovery can be slow, but many see significant improvement over time, sometimes with the help of vitamin D.

I use nicotine spray regularly, do you think this is making it worse?

It may be an issue. I was told to stay clear from smoking and nicotine. How are you feeling today? Please stay positive.

I was diagnosed after losing my vision in my right eye. It has improved over the years (it started in 2019) and my vision I would say is back to normal. When I am tired things can get a bit fuzzy; and that eye just feels different from the other- bigger or something, it’s hard to explain.
Unfortunately I have just had results of an MRI and there is abnormal signal along that nerve again, and my eye does feel a little painful. Hopefully I won’t get another episode of ON but only time will tell! Hope you are feeling better, it took over a year for me to improve, but I chose not to have steroids.