Eye effect in relapse following old ON

Hello everyone

I was diagnosed in July this year following optic neuritis in March 2013. Further minor relapses got diagnosis and I’m learning all about relapses at the moment.

I’ve not been feeling right all week and can still function and everything but feel incredibly drained, one leg isn’t right, pins and needles and occasional quite intense itching. I’m assuming it’s another relapse but I have a specific question and wonder whether anyone can relate to it…

My eye recovered well and sight is reasonable but I get the feeling that every time I have an MS “issue” my eye deteriorates just a little and doesn’t feel quite right, it’s happened a few times but I don’t know whether it’s a real connection or not. Once things are normal again my eye gets better - but it’s not like an ON recurrence. Just wondered if anyone experienced similar?

Many thanks,


Sorry to hear it. I hope you’re alright. I’ve only had that happen to my left leg. Every time is got bad the leg would never fully recover each time. It took a lot of physio to get it moving and I can walk on it but it plays up a lot.

i hope you have a long, good spell xx

I am not diagnosed yet, had a real.problem with ON last year which was one of the reasons I saw GP, I have had further MS type issues and the ON does come back, however (thankfully) not as Bad as last year, and not for as long, also reappears if I’m hot or stressed, but not for as long.

From my experience my eyes get bad every time I relapse. Not bad, but bad enough to know I’m struggling. Slight blurring and aching most of the time. Similar to what you’re experiencing?


I had ‘possible Optic Neuritis’ in August, pain behind my eye, my normally perfect vision is now ‘slightly longsighted’, vision is dimmer and with less red perceived… but the weirdest thing is that it moves between eyes. I’ll wake up with a dim right eye and a few hours later its moved to the left. The optician said the nerves in both eyes look healthy so I assume the problem is further back. It has improved but not gone away, however it gets worse again with heat, excercise or fatigue. I’m seeing a neuro next month.

Hi Mick - thanks for reply, yes exactly what I have. Difficult to explain but like you say not bad, but bad enough to know you’re struggling. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Definite slight blurring and very slight ache though I never had much pain with the original ON.

Thanks Beverly - the leg is a new one for me so just waiting to see what happes. It all works but just feels numb-ish and has done for a good while now. Hope you do well xx

Hi Cherrylips, I know exactly what you mean with the ON. I went blind in one eye totally but now sight is back pretty good. I bypassed GP from the start, not on purpose but was told to go to A&E and that is where this whole MS thing started. I know what you mean about further MS type issues and hope you do well. X

Hi Reikiblossom, thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear, know exactly what you mean about dimmer vision and less red perceived - dangerous at the traffic lights! (from experience) - interesting that it goes from eye to eye though, with me my left eye has and remains fine with no effect whatsoever but I guess the ON only affected my right optic nerve. Really hope things go ok for you and good results with the neuro too. X

Yeah I think I had a bout of ON earlier this year but stupidly enough didn’t go to get checked out. Complete double vision for a while. And since then (like this morning) whenever I feel rough I feel like someone’s set up a hand pump behind my eyes and is blow something up behind them and then feels reeeeallly tired!