Do you think this is a relapse?

Hello all

Just started 24 hours ago with my right eye , on the periphery of my vision losts of black lines as if eyelashes are in my vision… other than that Im feeling fine. I am on rebif so wondering if this is a relapse , other relapses before I was on rebif were exhausting this isnt. Also last October I had pain and weakness in my Right leg , again no extreme fatigue so I was uncertain if That was a relapse , gp said he didnt know as he knows very little about MS so I rang my MS nurse who said it could be and was prepared to make an appointment with my Neuro as I was managing at work I didnt bother. Since that time my leg has been weaker so was that a relapse? The reason Im asking for your opinion is that I was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and since that time up to last Oct I think I ve been relapse free and why this is happening now I just dont know. No infections , stress well life is stressful…So why now?

Thanks for all replies


Hi I’ve just suffered a relapse of optic neurits my vision started going weird kind of dark and dazzly out of right eye it started with pain when I moved mg eye then my vision got worse can still see but just weird had a lot of flashes too! nurse was off at the time so gp sent me to opthomology who said ON they weren’t keen to prescribe steroids but one ms nurse back went on them finished them tues but don’t know if its improved much but it’s no worse which is good…this is only my second relapse since diagnosed last year and on avonex since last sept so wasn’t really expecting it either…hope it clears up soon and doesn’t turn out to be a relapse…Emma x

I was diagnosed in 2004 … Relatively well from a relapse in 2004 till after I had my son when I relapsed in 2010 then again twice in 2012. The last one in 2012 I noticed my left leg was weak, left it thinking it’d improve and as I was clear of infections, stress etc thought it wasn’t a relapse but then feb 2013 it went considerably weaker and became clear it was a relapse so steroids were provided. These helped however my leg is still weaker tha the other. There’s no reason as such behind the relapses however unfortunate it’s part and parcel of the lovely demon that is m.s. I’d advise get treatment ASAP if your willing to have steroids and go from there. Try not to stress too much …, as I said its all part of it hun. It is just one of those things sometimes. They do think a previous op led to my relapse …benign saliva gland tumour removed and complications with that but sometimes relapses can just happen. Good luck and hope things improve soon hun. Xxx