1st relapse since diagnosis.

I think i’m having my first relapse since I was diagnosed just over a year ago. On Thursday I had noticed my eye had started hurting when doing certain movements while I was at work. I had just put this down to maybe being tired as I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

Then on Friday I kept thinking theres something wrong with my vision… couldn’t quite put my finger on it… but I just knew and the eye was still hurting with the movements.

Yesterday confirmed my fears… there was a definite (i’m not sure how to describe it) but change in my vision… and it felt like my vision was fluctuating in how it blurs/closes in. I’m really not sure how to describe it.

When I was diagnosed my left eye had stopped moving to the left… so it was a very clear indication that ‘this was a relapse’. However this time it is my right eye and it doesn’t feel as easy to be sure… I guess this is all still new for me. I still have the eye pain when looking in certain directions or a quick change in movement, and the ‘blurriness’ still feels like it’s fluctuating.

I’m not sure what to do next. Do I need to contact my nurse? Also do I need to go to the GP, will I need steroids? Or is it not severe enough and do I just note it down for the next time I see my neuro/nurse?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Gribs and I am sorry to read that you have recently developed MS and also that you seem to be having a flare up of your condition. It may not be a full blown relapse, but just some of these symptoms that MS likes to plant on us every now and then. These do seem to come and go, but why not speak to your MS nurse if it will make you feel a bit better. He/she will then inform your neurologist if needs be. I know that this is easier said than done, but try and relax as much as possible as stress usually exacerbates the situation. If you are in for a relapse, then your nurse and neurologist will deal with it. Best of luck,


hi gribs

are you on any of the disease modifying drugs?

let your neuro/ms nurse know.

snuggle down on the sofa today because it’s snowing.

carole x

Hi Gribs, yes, you should definitely get in touch with your MS nurse, if only to be reassured. If anything more is needed she’ll sort it out with your neuro. Although the symptoms are different from your last relapse, you still may need treatment, relapses are rarely all the same, so best to get it checked.

Good luck, hope you’re feeling better soon

Rosina x

Thank you for the replies. I’m currently on Avonex and had only just seen my Neuro who had seemed quite pleased that I haven’t had any relapses recently (The irony) due to the nature of my diagnosis on where it seemed I had a few in a short space of time. Including the temporary paralysis of my eye.

The Nurse I was under has recently moved jobs and now I believe I have to ring the Walton centre where I will get a nurse ring back when next available. (Usually 3-4 days). So I think my plan will be to ring them and to try and see my GP tomorrow.

I guess with it being my 1st ‘known’ relapse I just didn’t know A. what to do or B. I didn’t want to waste people’s time with minor symptoms that aren’t a really a relapse… but it’s now the 4th day and the eye has got progressively worse each day.

Hope things go well with the GP, but are you still going to ring centre? You really should, then hopefully you’ll get some help from the nurse too.

Please don’t feel that you’re wasting anyones time, you’re feeling worried & need some advice & reassurance, that’s why these people are there for you.

Good luck

Rosina x

Eyes are a bit different from most things that can go awry and that look like MS and probably are; there are eye things that are nothing to do with MS but that need urgent attention. When I’ve been in your situation, I have been on the phone to the GP right away and been seen at local the emergency opthalmology outpatients clinic a day or so later. No one will think you are. making a silly fuss; everybody knows that eyes are different.

Get it checked out. Sight is too important to wait and see (so to speak!)