Possible Relapse


I’m new to this forum but have been diagnised with MS for approx 5 years.

I was looking for a bit of advise re a possible relapse.

I think I may be having a relapse at the moment (probably Optic Neuritis) Have had that before and my eyesight is a bit strained and difficult to focus (as though I’ve looked at a bright light)

Should I contact my GP, my MS Nurse or who? I’ve been lucky enough not to have had a relapse for a few years so unsure what I should do next. Could ride it out but dont want to take any chances with my eyesight

I’d appreciate any advise



I would contact your MS Nurse if you think you are having a relapse/symptoms of one as it can go on your record. He/she will be able to offer you advice,steroids to help you recover from the relapse if you want them. Also if in the future you have another relapse then you may be given the option of having DMDs- disease modifying drugs. If you don’t let the medical staff know then it won’t be on your records.

Hope you soon feel better


hiya…sorry to hear yor ees are bad ain…I would def speak to your ms nurse but also get a referral to see an eye dr also. either the one you saw last episode or same hospital dept. certainly needs charming out re ON em

I would start with the GP and get a referral ASAP to your local opthalmology emergency outpatients’ clinic (if you have one.) If it’s ON, they’ll know. If it isn’t, they are the right people to investigate when something’s amiss with your eyes. Good idea to contact your MS nurse too - he/she might want to examine you or refer you for a neurolo appt.

Definitely agree with you that eye things should not be ignored - and not everything that goes wrong with us is MS.

I hope things start to improve for you very soon.