Eyes wont focus and dizziness


As title says, my eyes are finding it hard to focus and im feeling intermittantly dizzy. Still awaiting referral to my MS nurse and the helpline is closed. Symptons I normally have are more enhansed and havent even been walking. Right hand pins and needles. Basically i feel a bit drunk and spaced out.

Does this sound like a relapse? I know, hard to tell, I guess I just feel a bit panicky and alone so any reasurance would be lovely xxx

Sounds like it might be a relapse. You could have vertigo. If you’re still waiting for an MS nurse, does your local hospital have general neurology nurses you could contact? Failing all of this, try your local GP. If they don’t know much about MS they may be reluctant to prescribe high dose steroids, but it’s worth a try. Even if the GP can’t give you steroids, they may be able to get onto the MS nurse and get him/her to help you.


We live in a age of heightened stroke / heart health diagnosis. You shouldn’t presume anything new / different is simply a consequence of MS. Sadly having one disease doesn’t give you immunity to all others.

I would head to a local hospital’s A&E, preferably a hospital with a neurology department, as they will typically have a neurologist on call. Let them rule out any immediate hazards and then hopefully expedite an appointment with something more significant diagnostically; scans, neuro-appointments etc.

If it is indeed a relapse, they should be able to plug you into the steroid vending machine! Be proactive about this and don’t sit there stewing in anxiety whilst hoping online strangers will give you a weak-arsed reason to feel optimism.

Good luck!