Should I call my MS nurse??

Hi Guys,

Not sure what to do. I have only been dx’d since April and already am feeling like I am living in doctors surgeries etc.

Anyway I went to the optician just over 2 weeks ago as I was having headaches and not reacting well to light. I didn’t want to go the the hospital really as I didn’t want it on my medical record…

My vision tested fine but he gave me a field vision test and found a defect and wrote a letter to refer me on to the hospital which I am waiting for (I posted at the time about it). So, in the last couple of weeks it’s worse, noticing on/off blurred vision in one eye and difficulty and pain in seeing anything lit, eg the computer screen, the tv. Should I call my nurse on Monday or do I wait on this referral. I know the referral didn’t mention anything about the light issues or headaches (or the family history of glaucoma) because I read it and by the time I got to see a doctor about it, it had already been sent off, it did mention my MS.

Do you think she would be able to hurry an appointment along?

Thank you in advance, sick of worrying about it…


hi vicki

it won’t hurt to ring the nurse.

i think the sooner the better because it usually takes a couple of weeks before you get an appointment.

my advice is to avoid stress so try not to worry so much - not easy i know.

try to note down exactly what has happened with your eyes so that when you get to speak to your nurse, you will have it all there in writing.

carole xx

Hi Vicki,
I agree totally with the previous poster.
When we had an MS nurse, she was my first port of call. It was always good to get an opinion if it might be an MS related problem.
A chat with a health professional is always good and it help take some of the worry away.

Thanks, will ring (and leave a message tomorrow.) If it is optic neuritis there isn’t anything they can do anyway is there, it’s been going on about 8 weeks…

I would say go treatment may help it and if you have relapsing and remitting it can go away with treatment so no need to worry about records and if not treated it could get worse anyway.