Hi my name is Nicole and I’ve had MS for nearly two years.I don’t currently have a nurse because I’ve moved and my Neurologist isn’t any good. I feel a bit alone and need advice on something…

I’ve been under a lot of stress the past few months and I’ve recently been getting pain in my left eye. It hurts to look up and I’ve got blurred vision or black spots from time to time. Is this Optic Neuritus?! I don’t know what to do…go to the hospital or ignore it! I’m on Rebif and have been for seven months!

I’ve even considered going to the opticians to see if they can see the lesion.

Anyway and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks xx

I’ve had ON a few times, and this does sound familiar - first stop should be the optician, they’ll be able to tell you if it’s something to go to the eye clinic with. Don’t ignore it, there’s obviously something not right and this needs investigated.

Luisa x

Hello Nicole,

I would strongly suggest that you first go to an optician and if they find something they would give you a letter for your doctor who would possibly refer you to an eye hospital. If you have an eye hospital close by go to A/E and they should soon discover what is wrong, but do not ignore it.

Wishing you good luck.

Janet x

Hi Nicole,

I’ve Optic neuritis on and off for years and it was my optician that recommended I visited my GP and gave me I referral letter for them, so I completely agree with the other comments to visit them ASAP.

Good Luck and take care of yourself