Optic Neuritis

Just looking for some advise please. For the past week or so my left eye has been aching and not feeling quite right although eye sight is fine. I have been having quite a lot of headaches. I have booked to see Dr on Thursday as not sure whether it is Optic Neuritis or something else. 

It's hard to describe but apart from the aching something just doesn't feel quite right.

Any thoughts?


Hello Tracey,

Have you had your eyes tested lately at opticians, might be an idea as doc's do not have the equipment to have a darn good look and the back of your eyes. Best to get it checked out though.

Janet x

Always best to see a doctor first. They should be able to recommend going to see an optician or opthamologist.

It's hard to say if it is ON or not. When I had ON I found the pain to be very localised around the eye, I felt a massive pressure in my eye like it could explode with some swelling around the eye and brow line. I also remember being asked about sensory changes when in the shower (Anyone know why?). The vision is not always affected but as with everything MS everyone's symptoms are different.

I do think it more likely you may just need to wear glasses/contacts or have your prescription changed if you already do.

Thank you for your posts. I have had a full vision test including the colour test done before Xmas and all fine. I do wear glasses for computer as long sighted. I also had a field of vision test done at the hospital in Feb which I have done annually as welll I saw the Specialist Opthamolgist the week after for the results and for her to look at the back of my eyes and do pressure checks etc and she was pleased as no changes.

 I phoned my specialists secretary yesterday and she said see your GP and if they feel I need to see specialist they will get me fitted in this week. 

Maybe I am just tired and that is why. With having two children, working full time and our house is on the market at the moment maybe I am just run down letdown

Really appreciate all your replies.