eye pain

For the past week I’ve had eye pain behind one eye. Feels like a burning pain and occasionally aches especially on movement or if I gently press that eye. No real change in vision except every now and again that eye blurs for a few seconds. Eye isn’t red or discharging and nothing gone in it. I feel like a real time waster going back to optician when I was only there 6weeks ago so any ideas what it could be or should I go and potentially look foolish lol X

i had eyes checked in Feb , apart from peripheral vision problems and slight deterioration there was nothing sinister. however this past week ive had eye pain and blurry vision, also pain on moving eyes. im going to make another appointment, you should too

I had a sudden pain in my eye and when I saw the GP got a referral to the hospital the same day as I had sclerosis. As you pay to see an optician I doubt they will mind in the slightest if you go again. You could always go to a different one.

I have pain in my eye and a massive headache in the right side of my head and my right eye. I have been to the eye clinic and they said they Cannot see anything it could be linked to my other symptoms of MS I am waiting to see a neurologist

Thanks I think I’ll phone today as its still sore. Awful for you having a headache too Neil Ax

Definitely go back. See what they say and if nothing go back to GP. Hope the school hols aren’t too stressful xx

Will do Sharon. School hols not too bad as I work so don’t have them lol. How are you coping? I have got some holidays coming up with them though so will either be lovely or v.stressful X

I’m ok at the moment. Seem to be coming out of this episode. Just a few things seem to be lingering, mainly the twitching. Youngest one has chickenpox at the moment so it is a very quiet hol as not able to take them anywhere really. Enjoy your hols when they come round xx

Hi all

last year may I had bad pain in my LE. It started with 20-30 stabs of pain over a few hours and then a few stabs thereafter for the next day with pain on that side of my face. My vision was the same but felt a bit like I was sensitive to glare and light. This progressed to a constant borring pain in that eye and then my jaw went into spasm and I couldn’t chew my food.

I did have my eyes and teeth checked which was okay. The dentist reckons it might have been trigeminal neuralgia for me. I definitely think opticians is your first port of call and if you’re alrready under the neurologist there’s no harm in dropping an email to tell them about the new symptom (as long as you don’t email them about every little thing or else they might think you’re hyperchondriac).

Good luck. I know it’s horrible having eye/face pain.



Thanks Reemz I am under a neuro due to see them in sept

Just to add a different dimension on this, I recently had really bad stabbing pain in eye and automatically assumed that it was MS related, however it was the first sign that I had a sinus infection.

Thanks rufus the fact that I have ok vision with it reassures me somewhat. Got appt for a couple of days time although optician did want me in asap but can’t get out of work X

As an update after loads of tests it turns out my prescription for the prism I have in my glasses has changed quite a lot since last test 6 weeks ago and my eyes are a bit dry so they think that’s the cause of the eye pain so new glasses ordered £200 lighter and review in 2 weeks A xx

Hmm I’m be slightly concerned . It may just be I don’t have the complete story of whats happened with your eyes though.

  1. Why do you have a prism in your glasses - have you had pre-existing double vision or something?

  2. Your prism prescription sould not be changing ‘significantly’ specially not in 6 weeks. Does this mean it has become stronger?

  3. Have you seen an ophthalmologist / orthoptist at all?

  4. I’ve probably missed it but what are the other symptoms you’ve had?

  5. Have they given you something for dry eyes?

Sorry I’ve asked you a lot - I don’t want to give you a snap judgement on what the optician has done if I haven’t got all the info and make you panic that’s all.

I’ll look out for your reply


Hope the pain is better :slight_smile:


Yes I have a prism for pre existing “lazy” eye but apparently now I’m head correcting without glasses and if they put my head straight I see double without glasses on. Apparently my prism was now 3 out in both eyes and it was something in last time (haven’t got old script just know she said was in)and stronger. All I’ve had is an ache behind one eye for 10 days no visual disturbance, ocxasional brief blurring to that eye seconds only

Ouch, that hurts as much as the pain!! Surely it shouldn’t be changing that much that quickly!! xx

Posted to soon got hypromellose drops myself a few days ago to try to no effect so been told keep using them. This was at optician visual fields ok too X

Lol what made me laugh Sharon was when they asked me if I got any help with them cos when my mum wad asked this she said “well my husband might treat me” and they had to explain what they meant A

Hi I’ve had the same symptoms for nearly 2 weeks and now my visions been affected too can’t stand bright light everything glares and I’m wearing shaded indoors!!!..spoke to ms nurse and neuro on annual leave so had to go to gp but they don’t know anything about ON so I’m a bit in limbo…as nurse can’t prescribe steroids and gp not sure wether too or not!!! I’m taking ibuprofen for the eye pain which helps a little my eyeball feels bruised so can sympathise!..hope it clears soon as does mine…Emma

I’ve had to take ibuprofen as well which does help the pain but still annoying isn’t it X