Eye Pain

I keep getting pain around my right eye. It hurts when I move the eye but it feels like the pain is behind my eye. My vision is OK. Some months ago this happened once before and the ophthalmologist at the hospital said it wasn’t optic neuritis.

I’ve got an opticians apppointment on Saturday and my outpatient appointment with the MS specialist is 3rd November. I’ve had the pins and needles, burning skin, dead and heavy feeling arm and leg since Christmas. I’m really starting to struggle now with working full time and trying to cope with everythng. My husband is brilliant and helping as much as he can. But my life feels like it’s been reduced to going to work and spending the remaining time exhusted. My diet has gone to pot, if I get any fatter I’m going to pop! But by the time I get home from work I’m too tired to do any exercise.


Hi Lynne

I think you’ve got the makings of a plan there - your optician will be able to give you a once over and may be able to spot any changes in your eyes and your neuro appt is just around the corner. I am a great believer in symptom diaries/logs; write down every wierd, odd, nasty, niggle you feel and then read it to your neuro (or at least the gist of it). Have you had a dx yet or are you awaiting that? I ask as once you have a dx your employers have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to support you.

Good luck with the eye test (I’m seeing mine on Sunday!)


Hi Lyne, with optic neuritis I had pain on eye movement but I also had vision problems. I often get pain behind my eye but I have dry eyes and I blame some of it on eye strain.

Hope it goes well at the opticians. Have they ever done a visual field test ? Sometimes vision problems aren’t noticed by the patient and it’s only when they are tested that a problem is found.

Jacqui xx

Hi,I really know what you mean about diet going to pot. I work 4 days a week and collapse in a heap when i get home and tea is any thing that doesn’t take any effort, ready opened pringles etc. My days off are spent sleeping and if i sit down on an evening moments later I’m asleep.A friend told me to do the prep for meals in the morning when I have the most energy. He has ms and this is what he does. And i’m growing to love jacket potatoes with baked beans.Hope they get to the bottom of you’re eye problems. Do you take anything for other symtoms?

lynn xx

I had booked the eye test a little while ago as I haven’t had my eyes tested for some years. But at least I can tell him of the eye pain I’m getting. I also now have very poor vision in poor light but that could just be an age thing.

I’ve had two MRI scans this year and both have shown multiple high signal lesions in the white matter which may be in keeping with demyelination. I saw a hospital practitioner at a hospital earlier in the year and he said ‘Not MS, come back in 6 months, maybe your symptoms would have faded by then’. I wasn’t happy with that or his off hand manner so my GP referred me for a second opinion at a different hospital with the clinical lead for MS. I’ve had to wait ages for the appointment but hopefully it’s worth it, if only for the fact that I think I’ll have more faith in a consultant than a hospital practitioner what ever he says.

I think the fatigue is the worst thing to deal with, some weekends I’m just wiped out. I can’t be bothered to eat properly or do much at all.

My appointment is next Thursday and I can’t decide what is the worse scenario:

1: You’ve probably got MS

  1. You’ve probably got MS but it’s primary progressive (I’m 48 and have had constant symptoms for over a year)

  2. There’s nothing wrong with you at all (then what am I supposed to do?)

  3. You need to have a lumbar puncture.

At least with seeing the clinical lead for MS in Somerset I suppose at least I’ll feel he knows what he’s talking about.


Hi Lynne.

I do hope the new neuro is better than the last one! Couldn’t be much worse I guess :frowning:

I’ve never heard of hospital practitioner before - is that like a general neurologist or a GP based at a hospital? Whichever it is, just telling you to come back in six months without any explanation is not exactly helpful!

Anyway, best of luck with the eye exam, and with the MS specialist - let us know how they go…

Karen x

As I work in a surgery I asked one of the doctors here what a hospital practitioner was. He said it’s a GP who has an interest in the subject and holds clinics at the hospital. One other doctor here told me ‘I hate when patients have to see a hospital practitioner, it’s medicine on the cheap’.

So that says it all really!!


Well that’s depressing!