Hi all

I have had intermittent pain in right eye - feels like it is behind the eye.

It started last night when reading Kindle in bed, and sore enough that i couldn’t concentrate enough to read. It kind of continued all night and into this morning, and bit better just now but slightly in background. Painkillers didn’t help and of course slept poorly because the paranoia kicks in - as it does when you are awake in the small hours…

I was back at work after leave this week, and its all PC based/working from home, so conscious 10 hours per day on a laptop not going to help and might have caused eye pain or strain. I also need glasses now for this work, which i do have

I did have it before, and round about the time i managed to get to optician and was asking if optic nerve etc was ok. They seen nothing on the exam (seems like it was quite thorough as had field of vision, retinal screening etc too) and i asked specifically if it was ON if they could see it. They obviously thought i was bonkers but then didnt know i had been to GP for other symptoms :). They thought it was probably eye strain

I had been told a a previous eye appt i was at risk for narrow angle closure glaucoma and i asked re this too - they rechecked and said angle fine so that does make me bit worried re how things are interpreted

I have no problem with vision, colour, etc, but wondering if those who have had ON if this resonates? Does severity come and go within hours, can you have pain but no impact on vision



Yes a lot of what you’ve said does resonate - my opticians could never see anything wrong and thought I was being paranoid when I suggested ON. It was the evoke potential test I ended up having that showed the damage.

I also had pain with no other vision symptoms but since then other vision symptoms have come. So if it’s been months in your case with just intermittent pain then I’d say that’s reassuring and would suggest something other than ON as a cause. Having said that the only way to know is with a VEP or MRI so it’s really difficult to say either way at this point.

I’d definitely ask for a VEP test when you speak with your neuro. And until then try as much as possible not to jump to conclusions or fear the worst, as it certainly isn’t a typical set of ON symptoms so most likely outcome is it’ll be down to something else xxx

Thanks Been away most of afternoon too…so hoping its just other reasons

Back again today and last night. Pain in temples too- which have been quite typical of ny headaches these past while. No change in vision still in respect of it having been around since Friday re progressive over few days but its louping…and pain killers doing nowt still. Wondering if its migraines now…or cluster headaches. Only thing against that would be time and onset May head back to optician whilst its ongoing- if i cant. Or Gp. I know evoked VEP quite sophisticated diagnostically but thought usual opthamoligist exams good too. Am so scunnered today:(

Sorry to hear it’s back. Hopefully migraine related if you’re having the temple headaches with it. Horrible symptom to have, sending lots of love x

Ta. Should just post daily as when i do it disappears!. Sore reading last night. Ok this morning but literally back to back Microsoft Teams meetings today…so watch this space. Hoping therefore its not ON typical ergo not it!