Eye Pain

Hi Everyone

Im wondering if anyone can offer any advice please.

I often gets pains in my eyes but they are fairly short lived. A couple of weeks ago I had a pain that lasted for 3 days then disappeared - I was fighting off a cold at the time & thought that may have had something to do with it ?? Then yesterday afternoon I got the most severe pain in my right eye - which had been constant - its interpursed with a stabbing pain at the back of my head. I’ve taken Paracetomol and ibuprofen and they have eased the head ache but done nothing for the Eye Pain.

I’ve previously had Optic Neuritis and I’m also Diagnosed with Pars Planitis but was told in Jan that both are in remission and was released from Eye Hospital - although ive had an element of pain with both of these conditions it’s never been anything quite like this before.

I do have a bit of a stuffy nose (not completely blocked) so im wondering if this could be Sinus related or if its likely ON ? I’ve just tried making an appt with GP but they cant book me in until next weds although they said i could call at 8.15am tmrw & then I’d be put on a list for a GP to call me tmrw. I’m not even sure now if should be seeing a GP or if I should book an Eye test so an optician can check it out ??

Anyone else has anything like this before ?? or have any suggestions of anything else I could take / do to ease the pain…plsssssssssss

Many Thanks


Hi Alison, does sound as if it could be ON. I suggest you see GP or see optician. Either can dx ON. (Might be sinus related but you should have it checked out).

Hope the pain goes soon,

Pat x

Yeah someone else with this. Eye pain is my worst symptom (or maybe faecel incontinence) its horrible never the same eye - it switches. No change in vision and responds to codeine and ibuprofen I.e not neuropathic pain killers- so not typical ON - can last for 3-5 days. I hate it it makes me really grumpy and cross. At my last appointment my neuro did reluctantly say it was a relapse. Also seen ophthalmologist who said everything was ok and could only suggest going to a and e when I next get eye pain as they might be able to see something then Hugs Min xx

morning, I too get this, I think this was one of my first symptoms, over 25yrs ago, (only dx 6yrs ago), my last Neuro said it was inflamation at the back of the eye and gave me some tablets to help when it get’s to it’s worse, Indometacin, you only take one at night because they can make you feel a bit sickly, however this for me was better than going through day’s of this eye pain, the weekend before I had my first big relapse I had this pain all the time, when I went to see my GP she thought it was a brain tumor, although she didn’t tell me that at the time, that would have been because of the inflamation, take care, Jean x

I remember awful eye pain in just one eye when I was going through diagnosis 15 years ago. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife in my eye. It lasted about 5 days and then just went and thankfully has never returned. I didn’t take any meds at the time.

Hope you are feeling better today


Hi, Thanks very much for all your replies.

I went to the Optician yesterday and he did an eye exam and found everything to be normal - no sign of ON (only old pale optic nerve) and therefore advised that the pain was being caused by either - A Trapped Nerve / Cluster Head Ache or Migrane.

I called the Gp this morning as the pain is still as bad and have just returned…and am now slightly confused

She checked my eyes / neck / shoulders and then said the good news is I can treat it as I think its a Tension Headache, I was then handed a perscription for Amitriptyline 10mg - 28 Days. I asked if these were painkillers & she said yes for nerve pain and tension - I questioned this as she was a little vague and said I was only going to come home and “google” it and was she actually giving some sort of Anti Anxiety / Depresent ? She said it will say they but it has many different uses…

Im a little confused just because we didnt have any sort of discussion about weather I was feeling either anxious or depressed.

So I think she’s saying stress has caused the muscles in my Neck to become tense and this in turn is having an effect on my nerves which is then causing the pain in my eyes ??? Does that make any sort or sense ???

Also sorry as by the sounds of whats she said this doesnt appear to be MS related as she said no not ms relapse etc

Anyone else been perscribed this Med

Thanks Again


Some low dose antidepressants are proven to be very effective in the treatment of both nerve based pain and migraines. Well used for this reason and probably too low a dose to be effective as an anti depressant. Don’t worry she doesn’t think you are nuts!! Just a pity she didn’t explain it properly to you Julia

Hi Alison,

I am on this medication,take 200mg a day,7 of that is for nerve pain,193 for depression.

So i would say that the doze prescribed to you is just for nerve pain.

And no you are not going daft,and pretty sure that you will not become addicted to it.

Hope that the posts that you have recieved has helped you.

Take Care.


Lol. I like that description. Does the 7mg know it’s for nerve pain or does it try and sneak in with the majority for depression? Sorry warped sense of humour! Julia

lol that’s exactly what I was thinking - slightly worrying to think someones palming you off with Anti Depresents and doesnt even think they can tell you but ive been googling away and have read a couple of things now that suggest nerve pain as well as Anti Depressent so hopefully there wont be a knock at the door with the White Coats…!!

Thanks for replying


Hi Alison,

I am on this medication,take 200mg a day,7 of that is for nerve pain,193 for depression.

So i would say that the doze prescribed to you is just for nerve pain.

And no you are not going daft,and pretty sure that you will not become addicted to it.

Hope that the posts that you have recieved has helped you.

Take Care.


[/quote] Sorry Chris, i missed your post it must of come through while i was replying. I feel a bit of a wus now for worrying about 10mg. She did say it was z baby dose :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to reply

I am on amitryptiline as are alot of MSers for nerve pain. I take 25mg daily and it is very effective. Hope you see some relief soon.

I used to get the same type of pain behind one eye (I described it as feeling like a burning hot needle being shoved into my eye). Then my mother, who used to suffer with bad migraine headaches, suggested something I could do to ease the pain. Fill a basin with VERY HOT water (almost boiling but not hot enough to cause any blisters). Then plunge your feet in to the water and leave them there for a few minutes. If the water cools but, the pain’s still there, repeat the process. I used to go to bed and have a good sleep after. When I woke up, the pain had gone. You don’t always have to have a sleep after - it sometimes works without having to sleep. It sounds like a strange thing to do but, it works!

I was also, at that time in my life, taking beta-blockers for anxiety. My GP told me that just taking one of them as soon as I could when the pain first started, along with a couple of Ibuprofen tablets would help to stop it becoming worse, and it did.

Hope you find something to help soon.


Hi julia,

You are right you have warped sence of humour

Even on that doze i still get pain,but it helps get halve decent sleep,apart from the toilet.

So for that i am gratfull.

Take Care,



I have eye pain associated with having had ON in both eyes at seperate times. It’s quite bad at times but there are two things I use to treat it:

  1. I have reflexology every month and this is a huge help

  2. I get my husband to massage my eyes, well across the top of my nose and into the corners of the eyes, lightly at first but once you get used to it then more pressure.

I don’t take anything for it but find both these a real help. I hope you find some relief as it’s very painful.

Take care