Eye Pain

Hi all, its been a while since i have posted anything on here but just lately i have been suffering from eye pain in my right eye. I have recently had my eyes tested and now wearing the appropriate glasses which i wear all day. I know it sounds crazy but i am not blind or have poor eyesight and could easily go without wearing them but i do wear them just to help me out. The pain within my eye feels like the eye is tired and more often than none i end up taking headache tablets to try and get rid of the feeling. I even sometimes wake up with this problem in my eye and straight away take tablets to erase the pain. Other days like today i take tablets the eye becomes better then later on in the evening the eye starts to feel tired again. Was just wondering if anyone else has suffered anything similar, and if there is anything that helps with this problem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon70. x

Hi, I get this a lot when I’m fatigued, it can sometimes be a sign I’m going to get optic neuritis and a relapse is on the way, that’s the way it is for me anyway. I had this the other day in work and had to strap an eye patch firmly over my eye to relieve the pain. I find applying slight pressure to my eye and / or so etching cold I.e. an eye mask helps. Hope you are feeling getter soon x

Sorry! Should say " something cold "!

Thanks for your reply Becksie. if it continues i will make a doctors appointment and see what they have to say.

Take care