Optic Neuritis

Hi Guys had to go to A & E at the eye hospital today, they have Dx Optic Neuritis and sent me streight for an MRI scan of my brain, so worried now, as this seems very quick for the NHS, had brain MRI there and then and an appointment to see eye-neuro in 2 weeks…still wait to see the neuro at the National Hospital for Neurology in London.

Hi Mac51 Gosh you sound as if you have had a tough stressful time today. I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis 2 weeks ago after going to Opticians then them sending me to my local eye specialist. Was this your first MRI scan? I wasn’t sent for a scan as already told them I had MS but advised me to let my MS Nurse and MS specialist know. They did check with me if I had an MRI recently which I had so I believe that was the reason not to send me for another. It’s good that they have scanned you today rather than having you wait. I wasn’t given any treatment and still had vision in my right eye and they advised my vision would return and my vision has started to improve. Don’t worry your vision will improve. I hope you don’t mind me asking have you been diagnosed with MS or is it your first appointment with neuro? Polly x

Hi Polly not seen neuro yet, dont have Dx of MS yet but the guy who did the scan said ive got indicators of MS in the right places but would need a neuro to confirm, so worried now as im out of work and at 63 if its MS im pretty much written off job wise i think. The pain in my left eye has reduced slightly today but still a bit blurry. Mac xx

Hi, sorry to butt in your post.

I have not been diagnosed with anything as yet.

I had to go to the A&E at the eye hospital about two weeks ago because I suddenly experienced left eye blurred vision, slight colour change, pain behind my eye and in addition a droopy eyelid and swollen face with numbness and tingling. The doctor was sure it is optic neuritis and asked me to go back to the clinic on the Monday. When I saw the consultant, he also said he feels that it could be optic neuritis and ordered an mri. I am going to have the mri on Friday and will see him again on the 3rd Feb.

My question is, will they tell me on the day of the scan any information? Or will I have to wait for a report?

Has anyone else ever seen these symptoms and found to be something other than optic neuritis?

This is the 2nd time this has happened and along with all my other symptoms I am getting anxious. Having to be off work is frustrating and having a neurologist who isn’t very supportive is not helping matters. My story is long and drawn out with no end in sight :frowning:

Hi your welcome to butt in as you put it…i had an MRI scan and now waiting for the results,i think it will depend on your hospitals policy…but normally you have to wait

Shezza…ive had vision problems for over a year, blurred, pain, colour loss, i must say it sound very much like optic neuritis to me

Hi, thanks for the replies. I guess I have joined the waiting game that everyone seems to mention. I started my journey in November 2012, although I think I was having symptoms soon after my son was born that January. The eye problem just went away by itself Last time after about 5-6 weeks. Trying to ride it out again but it is the lop sided face that is annoying me, feel like people are staring at me :frowning:

Anyway I guess I never thought about MS as a possibility as my mum has it and my GP said that he doubts very much I would have it too. That is until another doctor mentioned the possibility as this is my 2nd episode of illness. Doesn’t help that I have been waiting for my original mri and lumbar puncture since last July…

Anyway, I shall wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks :slight_smile: