Optic neuritis

Hi Everyone,

i hope ope you are all feeling well and can help.

Mo went to the GP after randomly losing my sight in 1 eye 7weeks ago. I have been going to and from the docs over the last year for different things such as headaches, weakness, slurring my words, exhaustion, fainting, tinnitus, pins and needles and a few other bits.

He said after looking through my notes that he believes I have optic neuritis and possibly MS and referred me to neuro My appointment in in 4weeks and I have been back twice since and I lost my sight again, lost my speech and collapsed and vomited he said I should just wait and take ibrophen (Can’t spell)

well I now feel like I am pestering him so don’t want to go back but my eyes really hurt (although loss is mainly in 1 eye) they are constantly site and my eyesight is going downhill I now can’t read a number plate do can’t drive. I have spoken to anothe doc who says waiting will be fine.

My question is do I wait or am I right to be concerned that my eyesight is deteriorating. What would you do? I am not anxious or worried but I am just getting concerned about permanent damage

Thanks everyone

Hi Sammy I’ve suffered with optic neuritis but didn’t lose my sight just developed vertigo and double vision. This was all prior to being diagnosed. I would strongly recommend making an appointment with an optician. I went down that route as well as my GP. Optician couldn’t see anything was wrong despite a thorough examination. My eyesight returned to normal 3 weeks later.

I have recently been diagnosed with relapsing and unremitting MS. Usually when I have a relapse, my hands were the latest thing, very tingly and pins and needles. Lasted 3 weeks and went although they haven’t returned completely to normal probably 95%

Hope you get some answers soon. Strongly recommend keeping a diary of your symptoms as neurologist will ask you the history.

Good luck

Rach x

Wow I didn’t realised it could cause vertigo I have been suffering on and off for a month or so and thought a virus but that makes sense. I have been taking travel sickness tablets but not working anymore. Do you have any other ideas?

thank you so much for taking the time to reply and hope you feel well now xx

I also had painful eyes when I moved my eyes and at night when it was dark if I opened my eyes I would see flashes of light. There are a few things that mimic MS so I wouldn’t think you’ve got it for definite. My symptoms were over many years. Think I’ve had MS for 12 years when I think back. My family and probably my GP thought I was a hypochondriac lol. Do any of your symptoms get better after a while? Try not to worry too much. I’m sure you’ll get results before long.

I’m ok at the moment it’s the fatigue which is horrendous. xxx

My optic neuritis began with loads of pain, too. Painful to open the eye & let in light, and painful to move the eyeball too.

Is the ibuprofen working for you? If not, and you are still in pain, ask the GP to prescribe you something like amitriptyline, for neuropathic pain. The pain will go, if it is optic neuritis. It just takes a while.

Don’t worry about pestering the medics. They are paid to help people like you and me, and most of them are in the job because they want to! Give them a ring?

Do you work? Is the inability to drive going to have a large impact on your life? It may help to speak to your employer.

I hope the pain eases soon.

Ju ju

If it is Optic Neuritis (ON) (it does sound like it to me but I’m not a doctor) there is no treatment available unless it is part of MS and the MS is disabling (can’t read number plates?). ON usually gets better on its own (remission) but recovery can be speeded up by intravenous steroids ,but that didn’t show any long term benefit. (In a major study oral steroids made the long term out come worse.) So probably there is nothing to do (as your doctors are not worried) but wait for the neurologist.Your GP or optician could refer you to an ophthalmologist to consider other eye problems (I.E. not MS).