Eye Problems

Some advice please. Been having problems with my left eye since December. Went to opticians and they gave me a new presciption. Problems continued and on advice of ms nurse returned to opticians and they gave me a slightly different lens in left eye. This has not solved things though, vision is not as sharp, is aggrevated by glare from bright lights tv etc and the colour seems faded. I mentioned all this recently at ms nurse appointment she said that normal and offered no advice. Although I disn’t ask outright I got the impession steroids were not on the cards. Should I push for them or ask to see optician at hospital. Help please it,s really annoying not only can I not walk but now my eyes are giving me problems with tv, reading and working on pc. What do you think has anyone experienced anything similar?

I’ve had lots of problems over the years with optic neuritis and like you in my left eye, after my last consultation with the opthamologist he said I will always see colours differently now out of that eye as the optic nerve is damaged. I’d go back to your GP and ask for a referall to see a opthamologist as they can see so much more than the optician. Sue x