Visual Problems

Hi The past week I have had really blurred vision at first it was only for a couple of minutes at a time. Sunday I woke up and my vision was blurring for a few hours so I went to the opticians who scheduled to see me on Wednesday at first. I went work yesterday as normal but had to leave early as my vision was really blurry again for hours and my job involves me sitting at a computer for hours. The optician seen me today as I called to say I was getting worse. I was in there for 2 hours and they said my eye sight has got worse since my last check in April ( Perfect vision until now) and I will also need glasses then they sent me straight to the hospital to see an eye specialist as I had some abnormalities at the back of my eye. The specialist mentioned I may have Optic neuritis, I have to go back tomorrow for more tests as I was so tired after getting lights flashed in my eyes most of the day, eyes prodded all the time my eyes started to become sore and my co-ordination became really bad as was getting my left and right mixed up. Has anyone else had Optic Neuritis? We didn’t go into very much detail about this as the specialist was aware of how much I was struggling by 5oclock tonight he has arranged to see me tomorrow. Polly x

Hi i had that last year i was given strong steroids my sight soon came back x

Hi Catmummy Im hoping tomorrow I will know more, my eye hasn’t been sore at all until today. I couldn’t fault the specialist for arranging to complete the other test tomorrow as I was so tired after everything today. Pollyx

Hi Polly, I had ON in 2012. I had pain in my eye for 2 days then the loss of vision began. Over a period of a week, it deteriorated until I had no vision in the affected eye (could only sense light and dark). However, I was relieved to find that after just 3 days with no vision, it started to come back, and quite rapidly too!! I made a full recovery within a few weeks and have never had any problems affecting my eyes since. I wasn’t offered steroids, the Dr told me they wouldn’t affect the overall outcome, only speed the rate of recovery and since I had one “working” eye, it wasn’t necessary. I was happy with that. I hope that you get some answers today Polly and I wish you a speedy recovery. Best wishes, RedShoes xx

Hi Redshoes They confirmed ON today but have advised I wouldn’t need steriods as it is only affecting one eye and my sight will return to normal. It was been quite reassuring reading your comment as what you have said about the recovery and reason not to give me steriods was the same as yours. Thanks Polly x

Hi Polly, hopefully you feel a little less worried now. I admit I felt it hard to believe my eye would recover but that’s because I didn’t know anything about ON back then - it was before I was dx with MS. Be kind to your self and though it can be hard, try not to worry. Let me know how you get on. I’ll be thinking about you. Best wishes, RedShoes