Optic neuritis but no pain?

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing? I think I’m having a bout of optic neuritis but without the pain, is that possible? For two weeks now the sight in my right eye has got progressively worse. Blurry around full visual field, now to the extent I can barely read.

I’ve had ON once before but in reverse, mostly painful but not much effect to my sight.

I’ve read that sight can get worse for up to two weeks then usually starts getting better, mine just seems to be getting worse. Unusual signs to look out for are if there is no pain apparently. I’ve seen my GP and an optician and they are trying to refer me to the hospital as although they can’t see any major clinical signs my vision is significantly reduced. Just getting a bit worried as I’m now away from home for a couple of weeks having just started a part-time Masters (which I need to do a lot of reading for!).

If anyone has experienced something similar it would put my mind at ease. The internet has me worrying about things like tumours!

Thank you

Hi Janiejones,

I have only had optic neuritis once which was my first, diagnosed relapse. It involved my vision reducing in one eye over a period of 3 days. This ended in total blindness in that eye and a stay in hospital and some steroids to get most of my sight back.

At no point during this did I experience any pain in my eye, at all. The doctors were mildly surprised and asked me if I had pain several times, but accepted when I said no, so i guess it does happen without the pain.

I hope this helps in some small way and that it improves quickly for you.

Good luck with the Masters, what subject is it in?


RoaryLion, :heart:

Hi RoaryLion,

Many thanks for your reply. Your experience sounds far more dramatic than mine, I hope your sight is in good nick now. Puts things in perspective for me, so a relief to hear that pain doesn’t always have to be a factor. Hopefully my vision will start getting better not worse!

Thanks for your well wishes. The Masters is in architectural history.

Best wishes

Hi,I have optic neuritis, hospital optican says it’s benign at the moment…(has been for a few years)but my left eye does go blurry if I’m hot and sweaty or stressed…

But in reply to your answer,I’ve never had any pain my eye at all…just bouts of blurry/cloudy vision.

I can only add like the others it was optic neuritis that got me diagnosed 4 years ago. Totally lost sight in left eye but only a slight pain if I tried to look out of the corner of my eye, otherwise no eye pain, no headache, nothing, just no sight. After about 10 days my sight just gradually came back. Like Fletch it gets blurry when I get too hit or stressed but calms down again when I calm down !!!

Good luck with your masters, keep going with it.

LucyAnnie,sorry to hear about loosing your site in one eye…i cant begin to imagine how scary that was,the not knowing if or when it would come back…10 days of hell aye? was you put on steroids to help get the vision back?

I was never aware at first about the whole O/n and MS possable loss of sight conundrum…but did hear (from my neuro i think) that it can sometimes be sorted with steroid treatment ??..

Hope its all good now though

Regards Fletch

Hi Fletch, thanks for your comment. It wasn’t until the nurse at the hospital asked how far down the letter chart I could go with my bad eye and I had to admit I couldn’t see any letters or the chart or even the wall, I had a wee panic then. But no I didn’t have steroids to get sight back, hospital said leave it a week and see if it starts to improve and hey presto it did !! I was put on Avonex and that seems to be keeping things calm. So in summary I’m good thanks and guess I should count my self lucky.

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