Optic neuritis

Has anyone had Optic Neuritis, with no loss of vision or altered vision, but eye pain only? I have never had Optic Neuritis, but for the past few days, I have had bad pain at the back of my eye, which is worse when I move my eye. I don’t want to go to my GP unless I have to. I seem to be going back and forth at the moment with one thing and another. I have SPMS. Many thanks to anyone who replies.

Hi, I too have SPMS, and I also get this, infact I thought I was the only one, because all the other posts seem to have lost vision, or have double, I had this on and off for the past 25yrs, way before I was dx’d, they call it iritis, hope I’ve spelt that right, it’s inflammation behind the eye, so my former nuero informed me, he gave me some tablets to take only when it got really bad, the name of these is indometacin, I get this on and off, I’ve been dx’d for 5yrs now, the weekend before I had my first official relapse I had this the whole time, over the years there where other things that happened but I never seemed to go to the GP about them, you have my sympathy it is really painful, take good care, Jean

i also have spms and have severe pain at back of right eye also my eye will close in spasm and i have had this past ten years ms about 15 so you are not alone if that helps and my thoughts are with you as it is very painfull


I have this on and off and have RRMS but I’ve previously had optic neuritis in both eyes, where I have gone blind. The last few times of having this pain I have not lost vision but the pain is bloody unbearable. I find reflexology keeps on top of the pain, I go once a month. I totally empathise with you.

Hope it’s better soon.


Yes everytime i am tiered or unwell my eye hurts